Shane Obanion Makes It Two In A Row!

| October 18, 2010

A group of 378 riders were on the line anticipating that the day or so of rain late last week had made the wooded trails just about perfect. But as the day progressed and temperatures rose, some parts of the course were reduced to powder that gave rise to hazy, dusty conditions that rained down on many of the trails. Then at the next instant, around the numerous next turns, they were dropped over and over again into the numerous springs and creeks that surrounded the property on this middle Tennessee plateau. As an added and somewhat unique challenge was a trip through an open tobacco barn complete with the farmers produce hanging from the rafters to dry. And in one of the gnarliest creek crossings in quiet awhile was another challenge. A rider crossed the 10′ wide creek in a single jump and then had to make a choice, either take the long way around or climb an almost 90 degree hill that resembled a clift. If you chose the hill climb and didn’t have the speed across the creek you ended up a heap of bike and rider, sliding back into the creek or in a desperate grasp, for the top. Rose Hill promoter Mark Hix and his crew had prepared this excellent course well, leaving nothing to the imagination, providing something for everyone with a few little surprises thrown in just to make it interesting. Robert Rogers, MSXC promoter had said this season would have some familiar courses and Rose Hill was something new for the series.

The “AA” class was first off the line and navigating the grass track that wound around the initial parts of the course were Darin Downs, getting the “hole shot” followed closely by Shane Obanion, Dustin Gibson, Damon Prince and Tanner Byerly. The track wound in and around strategically placed 10′ rolls of hay that lead to a long straightaway into the woods. Darin Downs and Shane Obanion traded the lead on the straightaway and Shane Obanion was first into the woods chased by Darin Downs and Dustin Gibson. Shane was in the zone and element as he expanded the lead in the woods and never looked back. Darin and Dustin were in full throttle gear jamming riding using all their skills making this anything but a Sunday ride. Shane Obanion used the skills he knew so well and six laps later made it 2-0 for this “AA” class winner plus the Overall win.

The second group, Heavy “A” was second off the line with Zach Nash, making 6 laps as well for the fourth Overall and the Heavy “A” win. This rider could respect his fellow class riders, the majority also made six laps, giving Zach a competition challenge. Zach began racing ten years ago at 8 years old and has worked hard over the years to the Heavy “A” class. This is Zach’s senior year and after graduating at the top of his class he plans on college with mechanical engineering as a major. Zach’s parents have always had a hard and fast rule. If you are going to race that comes second to an education. He has hopes of working in the motorcycle industry in motorcycle design and testing as a future.

The things you learn racing can be easily applied to life.

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Overall : 1. Shane Obanion (KTM) 2. Darin Downs (KTM) 3. Dustin Gibson(KTM) 4. Damon Prince (KTM) 5. Tanner Byerly(KTM)

Heavy A : 1. Zach Nash (KTM) 2. Travis Shaffer(Yam) 3. Brandon Ferguson(Yam) 4. Dexter Calvin(Yam) 5. Beau Nicewinter (KTM)

Light A :1. Dillon Phelps(KTM) 2. Ryan Tracy(Yam) 3. Jase Martin (Hus)4. John Hix (KTM)5.Ryan Morphew(KTM)

Vet A : 1. Jeff Cowan (Yam) 2. Josh Scott (Kaw) 3. Steve Gordon(Yam)4. Scott Kirchoff(Yam) 5. Mark Jones(Yam)

Senior A : 1. Greg Elrod(Hus) 2. John Lenard (KTM) 3. Jeff Austin(Kaw) 4. Kent Moore(Yam) 5. Jeff Griffin(Yam)

Super Senior A: 1. Eric Gill(KTM) 2. Kent Stanley( Hon) 3. Mark Wood(Hon) 4. Mark Guy (Yam)5.Charles Cunningham(KTM)

250 B: 1. Blake Rickettes(Yam) 2. James Dicus(KTM) 3. Blake Diessler (Yam) 4. Chris Mayfield(KTM) 5. Eric Vender (KTM)

Light B: 1. Zach Greenwell(Kaw) 2. Tyler Harris(KTM) 3.Taylor Schumate(KTM) 4. Taylor Downs (Yam) 5. Logan McCullogh (Kaw)

4 Stroke B: 1.Josh Lilly (KTM) 2. Braxton Dallas (KTM) 3. Nick Bryant(Hon) 4. Drexel Payne (Yam) 5. Richard Modlin(Kaw)

Open B: 1. Austin Toon(KTM) 2. Chase Peeler(KTM) 3. Justin Riley(Yam) 4. Brandon Rinsch(KTM) 5. Kurt Moore(KTM)

Vet B: 1.James Cochran (Kaw) 2. Kevin McClain(KTM) 3.Brian Peck(KTM) 4. Stephen Bynum(Kaw) 5. Shannon Woods (Hus)

Senior B: 1. Todd Elrod (KTM) 2. Greg RumeryYam) 3. Dennis Holden(KTM) 4. Tony Hornbeck(Yam) 5. John McMahor (Kaw)

Super Senior B: 1. Tim Danielus(KTM) 2. Chris Sumner (Hon) 3. Greg Tucker (KTM) 4. Eddie Obanion(Yam) 5. Mark Stringer( Hon)

Masters: 1. Stephen Lambruno (KTM) 2. Jim Sorrells(KTM) 3. Alan Staples (Robert Ellis(KTM) 4. Jeffery Frizzell(yam)5. Johnny Akins(KTM)

Golden Masters: 1.Paul Michaels (KTM) 2. Don Rye (Hon) 3. Tom Carter (KTM)

250 C: 1. Terry Colby(KTM) 2. Daniel Burke (KTM) 3. Blake Stone(Hon)4. Lee Sumner(KTM)5. Jerad Mangrum(Hon)

200 C: 1. Robert Jordan(KTM) 2. Gabe Garrett(KTM) 3. Kendall Cooper (KTM) 4. Brown Holden(KTM) 5. Patrick Tiesler (Yam)

300 4-Stroke C: 1. Brown Childs(Kaw) 2. Ryan Watson(Kaw) 3. Ben Ellis (KTM) 4. Bryer Modlin (KTM) 5. Jeffery Burnett (Hon)

Open 4-Stroke C: 1.Cody Dile (KTM) 2.Jason Hoskins (Yam)3.Sam Weisman(Yam)4.Yam)5.Landon Hogue(Hon)

Vet C: 1. Kevin Murphy(Kaw) 2, Troy Kirby (KTM)3. Bryan Gubba(KTM)4.Heath Robinson(Yam)5.Joe McCoy(KTM)

Senior C: 1. John Duke (Kaw)2.Michael Martin (KTM)3.Brian Hayes(KTM)4.Thomas Sorrels(Suz)5.Don Birdwell(KTM)

SuperSeniorC: 1.David Williams(KTM)2.Joseph Pinson(KTM)3.Clinton Clark(Yam)4.Bill Hester(KTM)5.Jeff Curtis(KTM)

BeginnerMC: Robert Hayes Jr.(Hon)2.Cody Black(Hon)3.Adam True(Kaw)

Super Senior C: 1. Jeff Curtis (KTM) 2. Bill Hester (KTM) 3. Danny Reddick (KTM) 4. Bryan Jennings (Hus) 5. Clinton Clark (Yam)

Junior MC: Franklin Hughes (KTM) 2. Jalem Hardcastle (Kaw) 3. Lois Weber (Yam)

Beginner MC: 1. Charles Knight (Kaw) 2. Cody Black (Hon) 3. Ryan Dwyer (Hon) 4. Kolton Arnold (Suz) 5. Dylan Wood (Hon)

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