Infineon to Host Electric Motorcycle Race

Press Release | May 4, 2010

The following is a press release from Infineon Raceway…Infineon Raceway will host the first-ever zero-carbon motorcycle race in the United States at the West Coast Moto Jam, May 14-16.The Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) U.S. Championships will take to the track for practice on Friday, May 14, with qualifying set for Saturday, May 15, and the 11-lap feature race set for 11 a.m. on Sunday, May 16.TTXGP raced last year at the Isle of Man in Europe, but this will mark its first race on American soil. More than 10 race teams are expected to converge on the Sonoma Valley, including local entrants from San Francisco, Oakland, Sebastopol, San Mateo, Woodside, Palo Alto and Santa Rosa.What is TTXGP?

TTXGP is a race series for zero-carbon, clean-emission electric race bikes. These bikes look very similar to road-racing bikes, but instead of an internal combustion engine they are powered by batteries and electric motors.Being green does not mean going slow

TTXGP is a race series designed to stretch the cutting-edge designs of electric-powered vehicles, married with the excitement and speed of open competition, with an ultimate aim to provide alternative environmentally friendly transport. Technology already exists to propel electric bikes to speeds over 170 miles per hour.All TTXGP entrants have built unique prototype machines. The excitement that has been building around alternative forms of transport and clean energy consumption has been harnessed and pushed to the edge to produce a major, international sporting series.The TTXGP regulations have been designed to put cutting-edge innovations on to the racetrack. Each team has redefined power trains, ergonomics and energy storage systems. TTXGP provides an opportunity to see these exciting machines close up and as well as stretched to their limits. Why zero carbon?

The simple fact is we all benefit if we can find alternative ways in which to travel and reduce our reliance on oil. Competition is a highly effective test bed for new automotive technologies and stimulates the market.TTXGP at Infineon Raceway

Infineon Raceway is the ideal location to hold the first ever TTXGP race on U.S. soil. Not only is Infineon Raceway an historic and exciting track with great fans, it is also in the heart of the spiritual home of a new electric vehicle industry. A number of the TTXGP teams are located in Northern California, where they can draw on the technology and brain power that the region is world famous for. Infineon Raceway is also one of the most progressive racetracks in the world when it comes to reducing its impact on the environment – the ideal place to make history with the first ever zero carbon clean emission motorcycle race in the country. West Coast Moto Jam

WHAT: Big O Tires Racing Season Presents: West Coast Moto Jam

WHEN: May 14-16

ABOUT THE WEEKEND: In addition to AMA Pro Racing, there will be Supermoto USA, Motocross and Flat Track.

NOTABLE: Infineon Raceway will also host the first zero-carbon motorcycle race in the United States with the TTXGP U.S. Championships. The event will take place on the road course.

TICKETS:  $15-$35 single day/$60 weekend; 12-and-under FREE and parking FREE.  Military discounts available.


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