Bringing MX to Infineon

Press Release | May 10, 2010

The following is a press release from SupermotoUSA…

Just as Supermoto racing embraces both pavement and dirt into one incredible racing format, so too the premier Supermoto racing organization in the country, SupermotoUSA, is diversifying in partnering with America’s first World MX Champion, Brad Lackey, and multi-time off-road legend Rodney Smith, in covering both the pure dirt and the pavement come May 14-16 at Infineon Raceway as they present both the Supermoto AND Motocross events during the multi-discipline weekend that is The West Coast MotoJam.In an expansion of the format that has showcased the SupermotoUSA Pro-Am event alongside the AMA Superbike weekend for the last four years, SupermotoUSA’s founder Brok McAllister has spearheaded the evolution of the multi-discipline formula at the state-of-the-art facility located in the scenic wine country of the Napa Valley just minutes from San Francisco.Though there has been no permanent MX track at Infineon for more than 20 years, the raceway has a long and storied history in the motocross scene.As the host of the Trans-AMA series in the ’70s and host to numerous professional motocross events, Infineon holds a special place in the hearts of many of the sports greatest, not the least of which is Brad Lackey and Rodney Smith who are working directly with SupermotoUSA’s McAllister to design and build the temporary track that will host both modern and vintage motocross as well as a cross country/endurocross schedule of motos as part of the “MotoJam” weekend.Located on north end of the roadcourse….(turn-seven area) in the same general area that saw some of the world’s greatest motocrossers take to the natural terrain track, McAllister and Lackey have designed and built a course in the true spirit of the days gone by, while also making it challenging for today’s top Pro-level riders.This rare opportunity to not only watch motocross again at the storied locale, but to also compete, is one that is drawing a huge rider response as hundreds of entries have been  received already. If you are a MX rider/racer who would like to be a part of the on-track action, there will be practice on Thursday; Friday will be Vintage and Post-Vintage MX; Saturday is all modern MX; and on Sunday, there will be a series of one-hour Marathon GP-style motos highlighted by a two-man/woman “team” enduro! The Sunday track will have Rodney Smith’s personal stamp on it with a fun for all enduro-cross feel.And as if bringing back motocross wasn’t enough, the Supermoto and MX events will be two-thirds of the Crossover Challenge, which will add a three-eighth Mile flat track to the equation, as riders ride one bike while only changing wheels and brakes in competing in all three disciplines to crown an overall “King of the Hill”.There is a lot going on at the West Coast MotoJam, including AMA road racing, a TTXGP electric-roadrace event, supermoto, motocross and flat track: Brok McAllister, Brad Lackey and Rodney Smith are truly embracing what diversity in motorcycle racing really can be!For more information on The West Coast MotoJam, please  visit:

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