Springer/Werner A Team Again

Paul Carruthers | December 2, 2009

Anyone with any sense of history in AMA flat track racing knows who Jay Springsteen is. Ditto for legendary tuner Bill Werner. Well, the pair who won Grand National Championships together in the past will go at it again in 2010 as they tackle the AMA Grand National Championship armed with Kawasakis.

“Jay and I will work together again to develop the Kawasaki,” Werner said to day. “He’ll serve as a mentor and a test rider and we’ll be at all the races as the green team and we’re looking forward to it.”

Werner’s not sure who the rider for the team will be, but there’s at least a chance that it could be Bryan Smith. It depends on what sort of sponsorship package Werner can put together to try and lure the Michiganite who finished fourth in the AMA Grand National Twins Championship this year on a Moroney’s Harley. The odds of the rider being Smith went up on Monday night when the Harley Wrecking Crew of Smith, Jared Mees and Joe Kopp found out that Harley was pulling its support of their teams.

“We have to see what we can do with Bryan [Smith], but he has to do what he needs to do,” Werner said.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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