Fiolek Off and Running

Jean Turner | May 27, 2009

Ashley Fiolek (1) came out swinging on her factory Red Bull Honda at the opening round of the AMA/WMA Lucas Oil Motocross Championship at Glen Helen, sharing the first round of the men’s Pro motocross championship. Fiolek is off to a perfect start in the WMA series, collecting 50 points with a 1-1 victory on the weekend. Second overall went to former champion Jessica Patterson with a 3-2 score while Cernic’s Suzuki’s Sherri Cruse (3) collected third overall with a 5-3 finish.

The ladies of the WMA were the first on the track at the Glen Helen national, as the first of two 15-minute plus one-lap motos was the opening event of the Saturday program. Ashley Fiolek got a huge holeshot on her Red Bull Honda and maintained the lead all the way to the wire. Kawasaki Sara Price never let her out of sight, however, as the rookie stayed hot on her heels. Price held off Patterson to take second in her first-ever Pro moto, while Patterson collected third over another rookie, Vicki Golden, and Cruse, who rounded out the top five.

The second moto saw the girls take to the roughest track the WMA has probably ever seen. Again, Fiolek was off to a huge holeshot, and never looked back, taking her second win of the day. Patterson stayed strong in second place ahead of Cruse for second in the moto, and second overall.

Rookie racer Vicki Golden made her Pro debut a respectable one with a consistent 4-4 score for fourth overall. Price didn’t fare as well in the second moto, as a run-in with another rider early in the race caused her to hit the ground. She rallied back to ninth to salvage fifth overall.

Glen Helen Raceway

San Bernardino, California

Results: May 23, 2009 (Round 1 of 8)

MOTO 1: 1. Ashley Fiolek (Hon); 2. Sara Price (Kaw); 3. Jessica Patterson (Hon); 4. Vicki Golden (Hon); 5. Sherri Cruse (Suz); 6. Mariana Balbi (Hon); 7. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw); 8. Tatum Sik (Suz); 9. Sarah Whitmore (KTM); 10. Penni Cyrus (Kaw); 11. Kimberly Kocher (KTM); 12. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Suz); 13. Hailey Larsen (Yam); 14. Nicole Madsen (Hon); 15. Tressa Rau (Hon); 16. April Zastrow (Hon); 17. Ashley Boham (Kaw); 18. Alyssa Fitch (Hon); 19. Danielle Sawicki (Kaw); 20. Jessica Smith (Hon); 21. Kristine Wright (Hon); 22. Jackie Ives (Yam); 23. Ayla Cabus (Yam); 24. Lauren Volentir (Kaw); 25. Katelyn Crowley (Suz); 26. Jacqueline Strong (Hon); 27. Vanessa Florentino (Hon).

MOTO 2: 1. Ashley Fiolek (Hon); 2. Jessica Patterson (Hon); 3. Sherri Cruse (Suz); 4. Vicki Golden (Hon); 5. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw); 6. Tatum Sik (Suz); 7. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Suz); 8. Jacqueline Strong (Hon); 9. Sara Price (Kaw); 10. Penni Cyrus (Kaw); 11. Sarah Whitmore (KTM); 12. Nicole Madsen (Hon); 13. Kimberly Kocher (KTM); 14. Mariana Balbi (Hon); 15. April Zastrow (Hon); 16. Hailey Larsen (Yam); 17. Alyssa Fitch (Hon); 18. Jessica Smith (Hon); 19. Ashley Boham (Kaw); 20. Tressa Rau (Hon); 21. Kristine Wright (Hon); 22. Jackie Ives (Yam); 23. Danielle Sawicki (Kaw); 24. Katelyn Crowley (Suz); 25. Ayla Cabus (Yam); 26. Lauren Volentir (Kaw); 27. Vanessa Florentino (Hon).

OVERALL: 1. Ashley Fiolek (Hon); 2. Jessica Patterson (Hon); 3. Sherri Cruse (Suz); 4. Vicki Golden (Hon); 5. Sara Price (Kaw); 6. Elizabeth Bash (Kaw); 7. Tatum Sik (Suz); 8. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Suz); 9. Penni Cyrus (Kaw); 10. Sarah Whitmore (KTM); 11. Mariana Balbi (Hon); 12. Kimberly Kocher (KTM); 13. Nicole Madsen (Hon); 14. Hailey Larson (Yam); 15. April Zastrow (Hon); 16. Jacqueline Strong (Hon); 17. Alyssa Fitch (Hon); 18. Tressa Rau (Hon); 19. Ashley Boham (Kaw); 20. Jessica Smith (Hon); 21. Kristine Wright (Hon); 22. Danielle Sawacki (Kaw); 23. Jackie Ives (Yam); 24. Ayla Cabus (Yam); 25. Katelyn Crowley (Suz); 26. Lauren Volentir (Kaw); 27. Vanessa Florentino (Hon).

Jean Turner | Contributor

A former staffer at Cycle News, Turner continues to contribute to the website and magazine as a columnist and someone we can count on to whip up a few thousand words on an off-road race when needed.