Cervantes Wins Genoa Indoor Enduro

Press Release | January 26, 2009

The Genoa Indoor Enduro proved to be a winner for KTM with factory riders Ivan Cervantes and Taddy Blazusiak snatching the two top places at the Genoa Indoor Enduro. Cervantes and Blazusiak also lead the standings. Blazusiak, who recently won the “The Tough One” hare scrambles in Wales, had some bad luck in two of the three finals at the second round of the Indoor Enduro World Cup and had to concede defeat to Cervantes.

Cervantes was the winner in the first two races, but the Genoa track proved very challenging for even the experienced KTM riders. In the first race, Taddy, like many other riders, had difficulty with the rock hill. He fell and lost precious time but fought his way back from the pack to finish a creditable fourth. He led in race two but lost his chain when he clipped a rock and again had to attack from the rear to still finish third. Then in a never-say-die bid, Taddy led from start to finish in the final of the last race, while Cervantes, after several mistakes, placed fourth.

“My goal was to be leading the Indoor Enduro World Cup after the Genoa Indoor Enduro, but considering all the bad luck I had, I’m really pleased to have finished as runner-up. The first race didn’t go so well, and I was really angry with myself at the finish. I really wanted to do well in the second race, which didn’t happen. I had a great start, but on the first lap, I clipped a rock and my chain came off. I watched every single rider pass me. I just gave the race everything once I got going again – I was exhausted at the finish, because I pushed myself to the limit. Finishing third shows that my speed was good and who knows, if my chain hadn’t have come off, I’m sure I could have won. To win the last race was great. I pulled away from the other riders quite quickly and I felt really comfortable.”

Cervantes leads the championship going into the final round in Madrid, Spain, Cervantes home country.

Results – Genoa Indoor Enduro

1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM 38 points

2. Taddy Blazusiak, Poland, KTM, 33 points

3. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda, 28 points

4. Dougie Lampkin, Britain, Beta, 26

5. Xavi Galindo, Spain, KTM, 15

Overall Championship Results

1. Cervantes KTM, 78

2. Blazusiak KTM, 65

3. Mika Ahola, 37

4. Fabio Mossini, 37

5. Xavi Galindo KTM, 37

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