Results Amended Again

| November 16, 2006

A lot of the early information coming out of the New Zealand Six Days has been incorrect. The organizers had some “glitches” in the scoring of the riders during Day One and Day Two and some results were released before they were official.

According to Terry Stevenson, New Zealand ISDE media coordinator, “We regret that some early information was incorrect. We are working with the FIM to put out information in a timely matter, but a few glitches popped up concerning official scoring and unofficial scoring.”

Most of the problem came from the official time-keepers website that has been posting riders scores. Stevenson said, “This website is unfortunately not up to the minute. Because of the large numbers of riders at this year’s ISDE, transponders are not used and all of the rider’s times have got to be checked before they become official. Once they become official then, if need be, the times are adjusted on the website.”

Unfortunately some of this information indicated that American Kurt Caselli was leading the overall category after Day Two.

Stevens said, “We apologize for any misinformation and are tying to make sure it does not happen again.”

According to the updated scores on the website, Caselli finished eighth in Day One with a score of 26:59.8, seventh after Day Ttwo with a score of 1:00:54.3 and Seventh after Day Three with a score of 1:33:40.6. Day One’s overall winner was France’s Marc Germain, Days two and three was Juha Salminen.

By Steve Berkner