Team U.S.A. Wins Hillclimb World Trophy in France

| July 5, 2006

Twenty-year-old Jason Smith pocketed $12,000 for winning the only true international hillclimb event on the 2006 calendar. Smith was joined by Travis Whitlock, Dave Watson and brothers Robie and Bret Peterson who are regulars on the Racer X/Suzuki N.A.H.A. Pro Hillclimb Series for the win this past weekend in Decazaville, France.

Smith was one of four riders who made it over what the French call Montee Impossible, a nasty 550-foot stretch of real estate. The speedster from Salt Lake City stopped the clocks with a 21.4 second run, while Frenchman Stephane Pierrel and his time of 25.3 were good enough for second. Indiana’s Jeff Thomas also represented Canada in the two-day event and placed third with his 26.86-second sprint while Robie Peterson won the inaugural stock class.

“I’m proud of the entire effort,” said five-time World Champ Kerry Peterson who managed both Team U.S.A. and Team Canada. “This was the toughest hill that I’ve ever seen anyone climb, and the boys did our country proud!”


World Trophy Team:

1. U.S.A.

2. France

3, Canada

4. Estonia

5. Switzerland


1. Jason Smith (21.40 seconds)

2. Stephane Pierrel (25.30 seconds)

3. Jeff Thomas (26.86)

4. Herve Poirot (31.82)

5. Travis Whitlock (159.12 meters)

6. Ken Long (154.76 meters)

7. Patrick Brunier (154.48 meters)

8. Robie Peterson (154.13 meters)

9. Xavier Boutiton (152.75 meters)

10. Dave Watson (150.66 meters)

11. Riho Kollist (148.81 meters)

12. Bret Peterson (143.15 meters)

13. Marcel V.D. Akke (141.15 meters)

14. Eriki Salak (139.06 meters)

15. Don Beer (138.23)

16. Michel Wissen (138.1 meters)

17. Michael Resch (137.23 meters)

18. Lars Nonn (137.15 meters)

19. Josef Hofstetter (137.14 meters)

19. Vallo Poder (137.14 meters)

By Ken Faught