Flat Track Goes Live Online

| March 30, 2006
The following is a press release from Live I Sports LLC:

Live I Sports LLC, in association with Flattrack.com, proudly present the 2006 AMA Grand National Dirt Track Series Live On Line.

Dirt Track fans will now be able to watch the 2006 GNC series Live and On-Demand exclusively at www.flattrack.com.

Starting with the double header weekend at Springfield, Illinois, on Saturday May 27th, fans will be able to sign on and watch the entire evening of racing at the Springfield TT. Racing will then continue the following day with the legendary Springfield Mile.

Live I Sports LLC, an Englewood, Colorado, company founded by Douglas Stewart, is excited to offer this new form of media broadcasting to dirt track fans.

“This is a new form of broadcasting that has been in use in Europe and is now coming to the U.S,” Stewart said. “We were able to reach an agreement with the AMA to allow us to begin broadcasting the events starting with the Springfield double header weekend. It is our goal to broadcast every race this season. We have a multi-year agreement with the AMA, and it is our hopes that we can use this new form of media to grow the dirt track fan base around the world.

“We will be using D-X-D Productions out of Mission, Kansas to head up the broadcasts at each event,” Stewart said. “We will have a six camera, sixteen person crew on hand at each event working out of a 48’ tractor trailer rig with Satellite uplink, instant replay, slow motion, animation, and a radar gun to capture the true essence of the sport. It is our goal to make each show look like Dirt Track has met the X-games. We feel it is very important to grow dirt track through the younger internet crowd and believe this is the form of media to tap into that market. Each day of racing will be archived online so viewers who were not able to watch the event live will be able to come back to the site any time 24/7 and tune into the race they want to see. This also gives advertisers some residual effect for their advertising dollars. This is the new form of media broadcasting that we believe has the greatest potential for growth.”

The online Webcast is being used successfully in Europe by a company called Mediazone.com, which just announced the FIM Motocross and SuperMoto World Championships Online just last week.

The per-race subscription price is $5 per event. You can log on and watch the whole event live or come back at a later time and watch the archived broadcast. All events are available exclusively at www.flattrack.com

By Scott Rousseau