Desert Vipers Seek Volunteers

| February 9, 2006

The following is from the Desert Vipers MC, promoters of the Adelanto Grand Prix:

To All OHV Land Use Warriors:

The last few years, our race, the Adelanto Grand Prix, has gotten very large and we are in need of help. Last year we have had around 2900 entries and 40,000 to 50,000 spectators over the weekend. Therefore, we launched a program that has seen some success, and I am once again asking for your help. We are offering a donation of $100 per day per person who helps work the course. We need flagmen, course workers, road crossing patrols, and others to help us pull off this race. The race is scheduled for February 25 and 26, so here is an opportunity to raise some cash for your favorite land use organization. The last few years, we have had a great turn out from CORVA. I loved seeing all those bright orange jackets at turn three. Plus many people help out and specify their donation to Blue Ribbon Coalition. We don’t put many restrictions on the organization, but they have to be a non-profit and we prefer they are helping out with land use issues.

If you are interested in helping out at Adelanto, please e-mail:

Or, if you have any questions, call Jeff Greene at 714/401-8202 and let him know how many people you can muster up and which days they would be available.

Just a reminder that the Vipers are a non-profit orgainization and we do not keep any of the proceeds from this race. In years past we have donated over $12,000 to Blue Ribbon Coalition to help out with the original Glamis lawsuit, and last year we committed $12,000 to CORVA to help out with Eco-Balance and all of the land use lawsuits. Therefore, we are always folding our proceeds back into the sport and land use issues where we think they will do the most good.

Thank you and we hope to see you out there when the banner drops.

Larry Engwall


Desert Vipers MC

By Scott Rousseau