Daytona For Doubleheader

Paul Carruthers | February 16, 2006
The following release is from AMA Pro Racing…

AMA Pro Racing announced today that the 2006 AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Championship will kick off at Municipal Stadium, in Daytona Beach with an AMA GNC Singles Championship doubleheader during Daytona Bike Week. The first race will take place Wednesday, March 8, followed by a second race on Thursday, March 9. This marks for the first-ever Grand National doubleheader in Daytona.

Bruce Bober, AMA Pro Racing Flat Track Series Manager commented that the unique two-race event is a fitting start to the new AMA GNC Singles Championship. “We’re excited about launching the GNC Singles Championship in this manner,” said Bober. “We continue to be optimistic about the long-term prospects of this class of AMA Flat Track racing and are confident that we’ll see a renewed interest in this discipline.”

Bober also thanked The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, the largest insurer of motorcycles in the U.S., which markets to consumers under the Progressive DirectSM and Drive® Insurance from Progressive brands, for its role in making the two-race format a possibility. “Progressive’s event sponsorship of this race is a welcome addition and has enabled us to turn this into a doubleheader,” said Bober.

”It just makes sense that Progressive would be involved in another first like this since we’ve been innovating since 1937,” said Miriam Deitcher, advertising manager, Progressive Direct. ”As the Official Insurance of Bike Week, we’re thrilled to add this event to the many other goings-on in store for motorcycle enthusiasts who come to Daytona.”

OEM contingency support for the new GNC Singles Championship is pouring in and AMA Pro Racing will be announcing details of that program within the next day or so.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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