Caselli Injured

Paul Carruthers | February 7, 2006
The following is from KTM…


While training for the 2006 World Off-Road Championship Series, Kurt Caselli, 3-time ISDE “Top American”, came up short on a jump and dislocated his knee, resulting in a torn ACL, meniscus, and a partially torn PLC.

Caselli underwent surgery on Tuesday, January 31st to repair the damage and had full knee reconstructive surgery and received a cadaver ligament.

“The surgery went well and now I’m resting”, said Kurt Caselli. “I’m looking forward for my knee to stop hurting and to get better. The only thing that I can do now is to rest and then rehab my knee. Soon I’ll be going through intense electro-stem therapy for two weeks and then move into physical therapy. My full recovery time could take up to four months, but we’re hopeful it will be less than that. I’ll be back contesting the WORCS as soon as I’m 100% healthy.”

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