Thinking About Qualifying For This Year’s ISDE?

Kit Palmer | January 12, 2006

The following is a release from the AMA:

ISDE 2006 USA Team Selection Procedures

A letter of intent (LOI) and $60 fee is required from each rider who wishes to qualify for Team USA. The Letter of Intent and fee must be received prior to the first qualifier entered by the rider.

The riders who earn a qualified position on the team to represent the United States in the 2006 ISDE must confirm with the AMA their ability to go by July 14, 2006. The 2006 ISDE team will be announced as early as possible after that date.

The teams will be selected based on the combined results of the rider’s best two qualifier events. You must ride both days of a qualifier to receive a score (combining scores of both days at each event). FIM ISDE type scoring will be used at ISDE Qualifiers, the class leader will receive a “0” score and everyone else will get a “0+” score based upon how many seconds they are behind the leader.

Up to two (2) of the ten (10) positions available on the Trophy and Junior teams and up to two (2) of the Club/Senior/Womens teams may be selected by the ISDE Advisory Committee. The remainder of the open positions will be selected based on the qualifying process below.

* Rider will be eligible to participate on only one team.

* The qualifying riders will move up to the next qualifying position in the selection process as slots become available.

* For the purposes of qualifying, the three (3) FIM displacement classes will be used to determine eligibility. For the Senior and Women’s classes any displacement size may qualify.

* The FIM requires that the Trophy teams have entries in all three (3) Displacement class. The Junior Trophy team must have riders in at least two (2) displacement classes.

The open positions on the six (6) person Trophy Team will be selected based on the best two (2) overall finishes for the open positions on the Trophy team.

The open positions on the four (4) person Junior Team will be selected based on the best two (2) overall finishes for the open positions who are under 23 years of age or who will be 23 years old in the year of competition will be selected for the open positions on the Junior team.

The top 10 finishing (lowest score) riders in each displacement class will be selected for the Club Teams. The top three (3) Senior riders, based on the best two (2) overall finishes, 40 years of age as of the date of the event will serve as Senior Club Team members.

If participation warrants a Women’s Club Team the top three (3) riders based on the best two (2) overall finishes will serve as a Women’s club team members.

Class 1

100cc – 125cc – 2 stroke

175cc – 250cc – 4 stroke

Class 2

175cc – 250cc – 2 stroke

290cc – 450cc – 4 stroke

Class 3

290cc – 500cc – 2 stroke

475cc – 650cc – 4 stroke

Class 4 – Women’s

Class 5 – Senior’s

Special FIM Enduro (ecology) tires will NOT be required for the qualifiers; however, knobby height will be limited to 13mm at the ISDE. The use of horns, lights, brake lights, mirrors and side stands, will not be required at the qualifiers but WILL BE REQUIRED AT THE ISDE. Local sound requirements will be enforced at the qualifiers, the maximum sound level for the ISDE will be 94 db(A) measured at 20″.

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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