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Paul Carruthers | January 31, 2006

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Brock Sellards held off a hard charging Chad Johnson to win the AMA Arenacross main event. Sellards got off the gate with the holeshot just in front of his team mate Jeff Northrop. Team Faith’s Kevin Johnson was third off the gate and soon pressured Northrop for the second position. Northrop eventually parked Johnson in the Toyota hairpin turn at the halfway mark. This mishap dropped Kevin Johnson back to fourth. Points leader Chad Johnson pushed his way passed Northrop for the second position and challenged Sellards for the top of the box. Kevin Johnson got on the gas and turned in the fastest lap of the night on his way to pay back time for Northrop. Kevin Johnson pushed Northop into the tuff blocks in the same place the two hit in a prior lap.

Jim Chester was on fire leading from start to finish. The action behind Chester was as good as it get in AMA Arenacross Lites. Roy Horton crashed in the first turn on the start and got up last. He went on to pass nearly every rider to finish second. Shawn Clark finished third.


AMA Arenacross Results

1. Brock Sellards, Honda

2. Chad Johnson, Yamaha

3. Kevin Johnson, Yamaha

4. Shawn Clark, Kawasaki

5. Greg Schnell, Suzuki


AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1. Jim Chester, Suzuki

2. Roy Horton, Honda

3. Shawn Clark, Kawasaki

4. Kody Molitor, Kawasaki

5. Adam Blessing, Kawasaki


AMA Arenacross Points

1. Chad Johnson (7) 324

2. Brock Sellards (6) 310

3. Kevin Johnson (2) 272

4. Greg Schnell 259

5. Jeff Northrop 248

6. Jim Neese 244

7. Shawn Clark 211

8. Zach Ames 174

9. Scott Metz 148

10. Jim Chester 137

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