Hawk Wins National Hare Scrambles

| August 15, 2005

Barry Hawk scored the overall win at the eighth round of the AMA National Hare Scrambles Series, at Rausch Creek Motosports, in Tremont, Pennsylvania, on August 14. It was Hawk’s second win of the series and the second in a row for the Am-Pro Yamaha team rider.

Kawasaki’s Josh McLevy and KTM’s Mike Lafferty were up front early in the race when McLevy crashed and Lafferty stopped to make sure he was okay. Hawk then inherited the lead and went on to win, not knowing that he was leading race at the finish.

Once it was determined that McLevy would be okay, Lafferty got back on his bike and worked his way up to second overall.

KTM’s Nathan Kanney finished on the podium in third. Fourth place went to Yamaha rider Justin Williams, followed by Kawasaki’s Chuck Woodford.

Series leader Jason Raines sat out the race with an injury suffered earlier in the week.

By Raymond Gundy