AMA Proposes Flat Track Rule Changes

| July 28, 2005
The following is a press release from AMA Pro Racing:

AMA Pro Racing has announced the proposed technical rule changes for the 2006 AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Championship. AMA Pro Racing licensed riders and credential holders may comment on proposed rule changes during a 30-day period beginning Friday, July 29 through Monday, Aug. 29. Credential holders with RIDERS ONLY password access may also comment via AMA Pro Racing’s RIDERS ONLY website at At the conclusion of the 30-day period, AMA Pro Racing will review submissions prior to forwarding the package to the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors for ratification.

The official release about the proposed rule changes is as follows:

The following rules change proposals were created utilizing input from AMA Pro Racing staff and the AMA Flat Track Advisory Committee. AMA Pro Racing’s Board of Directors has given preliminary approval to submit the following rule change proposals for a 30-day comment period as required by our rules making procedures.

AMA Pro Racing competitors and credential holders have the opportunity to express opinions and offer suggestions regarding these proposals. The comment period will end August 28, 2005. Following a review of comments submitted, these rules proposals may receive final approval from the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors. The rule changes would then become effective January 1, 2006. The proposals involve technical aspects of AMA Flat Track racing.

Proposal 1

Maximum engine displacement for four-stroke single cylinder engines (except two-valve pushrod engines) will be decreased to 450cc from 505cc. In the long term, this change should reduce the initial cost of equipment for series competitors.

Proposal 2

All flat track motorcycles must be driven by rear wheel transmitted power only. Emerging technology involving front wheel drive could be detrimental to the balance of competition in flat track racing. Moreover, such equipment would dramatically increase the cost of racing.

We invite comments by mail, fax or through the RIDERS ONLY section of our website. When submitting comments, please reference the proposed rule number and state your remarks and suggestions as briefly as possible. If you are responding by fax, please send to: AMA Pro Racing – Rules Comment (614) 856-1924. If you are sending your response by mail, use the following address:

AMA Pro Racing – Rules Comment
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147

According to Merrill Vanderslice, AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition, the proposed rules for 2006 are straightforward.

“The recommendation to lower displacement has been discussed for the past couple of racing seasons and it’s simply an effort to reduce competitor costs by better aligning the class with readily available, production-based equipment,” said Vanderslice. “Ultimately it should also result in increased rider participation and greater involvement in AMA Flat Track racing between the various manufacturers. Similarly, the proposed rule to ensure that only traditional, rear-drive motorcycles remain eligible in AMA Flat Track is to prevent emerging technology from unnecessarily increasing costs and being a detriment to the balance of competition.”

By Scott Rousseau