ISDE Poland Team USA Update IX

| September 20, 2004

As we reported earlier the sixth day of the ISDE turned into a major catastrophe. With the final motocross all that was left to run, event organizers had a difficult time keeping the track in shape. And because of that riders decided to boycott the final motocross. According to our reporter, Steve Berkner, the problems began after just a few motos were run.

 “Earlier in the day three Enduro Class 1 motos where run,” Berkner said. “And track conditions were starting to deteriorate as the water trucks present could hardly keep the 1km course wet enough to keep the dust down.”

The dust was so bad that the riders protested and refused to ride in the conditions. So basically the sixth day didn’t even count.

“What happened out there today was a disgrace to the sport of Six Days,” said U.S. Team Manager Drew Smith. “You see this kind of [final motocross] protest happens every couple of years, especially if the test is dusty. The big named European Teams, who are usually leading the event by a few seconds [going into the final motocross test] start complaining to the event organizer that the track conditions are unsafe. They usually have a valid complaint but the organizers seldom cancel the test, due to the fact that about five to 10,000 local fans are waiting to see a show. So when that doesn’t work the riders organize a boycott where the riders just won’t ride.” And that’s exactly what happened on Day Six at the Polish Six Days.

As for how the Americans did Kurt Caselli was once again Top American. Caselli rode well all week, to finish up third in the Enduro 2 class. There were five Americans who received gold for their efforts: Kurt Caselli, Jimmy Jarrett, Nick Pearson, Fred Hoess and Wally Palmer. While 21 other Americans received silver medals for their efforts.

As for how the American Trophy Teams faired. The World Trophy Team finished up in 12th place while the Junior Trophy Team was 10th.

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By Brendan Lutes