Rodney Smith Wins GNCC Finale

Kit Palmer | October 20, 2003

After a frustrating year on the Grand National Cross Country circuit, FMF/Suzuki’s Rodney Smith finally got some satisfaction by winning the final round of the series in Crawfordsville, Indiana, yesterday. Smith, the defending champion going into this year’s series, finished out the year sixth. (Barry Hawk clinched the ’03 title two rounds ago.)

Going into the GNCC finale, second place was still up for grabs, and when all was said and done, Yamaha’s Jason Raines came away with runner-up honors with a third-place finish in Indiana. Second in the race and third in the series went to AMA National Enduro Champion Mike Lafferty (KTM). Yamaha rider Robbie Jenks and Honda-mounted Doug Blackwell rounded out the top five overall.

Honda rider Scott Summers actually crossed the finish line in fourth place but was later disqualified for a refueling infraction.

O/A: 1. Rodney Smith (Suz); 2. Michael Lafferty (KTM); 3. Jason Raines (Yam); 4. Robbie Jenks (Yam); 5. Doug Blackwell (Hon); 6. Barry Hawk (Yam); 7. Mike Kiedrowski (Suz); 8. Nathan Kanney (Yam); 9. Jim Jarrett (Yam); 10. Ryan Rodgers (Yam).

AMA/Grand National Cross Country Series Final Points Standings (After 13 of 13 rounds): 1. Barry Hawk Jr. (303/5 wins); 2. Jason Raines (252/1 win); 3. Michael Lafferty (235/1 win); 4. (TIE) Fred Andrews (1 win)/Robbie Jenks (175); 6. Rodney Smith (159/2 wins); 7. (TIE) Randy Hawkins/Steve Hatch (152); 9. Doug Blackwell (103); 10. (TIE) Jim Jarrett/ Mike Kiedrowski (94); 12. Chuck Woodford (85/2 wins); 13. Ryan Rodgers (80); 14. Josh McLevy (75); 15. Nathan Kanney (60); 16. Scott Summers (53); 17. Brian Garrahan (50); 18. Shane Watts (45/1 win); 19. P.A. Allen (43); 20. Brett Zofchak (39).

Kit Palmer | Off-Road Editor

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