Everts Sets Record

Paul Carruthers | April 28, 2002

The Yamaha L&M Motocross Team took a one-two finish in the 500cc Grand Prix of Europe, held in Germany, with Stefan Everts and Marnicq Bervoets taking the top two spots.

In an exciting race, the result of which was in doubt right up to the checkered flag, Everts ended an eight-and-a-half month drought to return not only to his usual winning ways, but also to the top of the championship table. The icing on the cake was the his long-anticipated 51st GP victory, a victory that makes Everts the most successful World Motocross rider of all-time.

Winner of the first two races, Joel Smets, looked to be a favorite as well during the run-up to the race, setting the fastest time in qualifying. A heavy crash, however, in the closing minutes of the session, from which the Belgian was lucky to walk away from, slowed him down somewhat for Sunday’s race.

A clearly relieved Stefan Everts said in a Yamaha press release: “I am so happy to have finally done it, it has been a long time since I equalled Joel Robert’s record at Namur last August, and it is a win I will never forget, especially because Andrea Bartolini and Marnicq certainly didn’t make it easy for me. I had a good feeling in Spain two weeks ago but I blew it, so it was really important for me to win here. Now the record is out of the way and I have ended the long spell without a win, I will be more relaxed again, and that is when I am at my best. I can hardly wait for the next round in France.

“It was a really heavy fight in the early laps to get through to second, and then Demaria was riding really fast until he made some mistakes mid-race. But even when I was in front I couldn’t relax.”

500cc Grand Prix

1. S. Everts (Yamaha)

2. M. Bervoets (Yamaha)

3. A. Bartolini (Honda)

4. Y. Demaria (KTM)

5. F. Garcia Vico (KTM)

6. J. Smets (KTM)

7. C. Melotte (Yamaha)

8. C. Burnham (Honda)

9. B. Jorgensen (Husqvarna)

10. J. Karlsson (HusaBerg)

250cc Grand Prix

1. K. Gundersen (Kawasaki)

2. J. Coppins (Honda)

3. P. Beirer (Honda)

4. J. Dobb (KTM)

5. J. P. Vehvilainen (Honda)

6. P. Cooper (Honda)

7. G. Crockard (KTM)

8. M. Pichon (Suzuki)

9. J. Aubert (Yamaha)

10. A. Chiodi (Yamaha)

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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