Jennifer Snyder Update

| October 4, 2001
Factory Harley-Davidson rider Jennifer Snyder was released from Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, this morning, and has returned to Texas.

Snyder was accompanied upon her release by tuner Bill Werner, who was flown by Harley corporate jet to Seattle to retrieve her and take her to a rehab center in Tyler, Texas, near hear Grand Saline home. Snyder is expected to undergo extensive therapy for the injuries suffered in her horrific crash at the Formula USA Seattle Mile on September 22.

“Jennifer is in really good spirits,” Werner said. “Obviously she’s in casts and whatnot, but her mental attitude is very positive.”

Snyder said that she is ready to get to it.

“Tomorrow we get set to start getting busy,” Snyder said from her room at the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Tyler. “I’m feeling a lot better already, but I’m going to be looking to do a lot of therapy in order to get my body in as good a shape as I can for next year.”

Snyder said that she can remember “almost everything” about her horrific crash.

“I can remember that I was leading the race, and then Bryan Smith came around me on the inside and then crossed in front of me,” Snyder said. “He sprayed me down, and I couldn’t see anything. I could barely see the guardrail, and I was trying to keep it as a point of reference while I went for my tearoff, but I guess that I just didn’t do that fast enough. The next thing I remember I was on the ground, screaming for someone to take my helmet off. It was really scary.”

Werner said that the factory has set no deadline as to when or if Snyder might return to racing.

“Our main goal is to get her healthy,” Werner said. “There may be a lot of people who will tell her this or that and put pressure on her, but we have told her not to let anyone think for her on what she should do. As far as I’m concerned, she is employable if she decides to return to racing, and she is employable if she decides not to. It’s her decision, and this company is behind her all the way no matter what she decides to do.”

Snyder already appears to have her game plan in place, however.

“I have a lot of fans who have been so great to me, and I want to thank them for sticking by me through this and for all of their cards and letters and all of the encouragement they have given me. I am going to get through this.”

Cards and letters of encouragement can now be sent to Snyder at the following address:

Jennifer Snyder
c/o Health South Rehabilitation Hospital
3131 Troup Hwy.
Tyler, TX 75702

By Scott Rousseau