Smith Slams Sacramento Pro Singles

| September 24, 2000
It is quickly becoming recognized as a true highlight of the Formula USA/ National Dirt Track Series, and it is doing exactly what it was intended to do. Just ask Bryan Smith.

The 16-year-old Michigan rider, who is starting to garner a lot of attention among the host of young bucks seeking attention on the national stage in the Formula USA Pro Singles division, was ample proof of the class’ concept as he sped to victory at the Sacramento Mile on September 23. Smith’s win on his TLC Racing ATK 400 came only after a battle with Suzuki-mounted Dan Stanley, Husaberg-mounted Kenny Noyes and Wood-Rotax-mounted J.R. Schnabel. And before he slipped back into the field, Ronnie Brown, a vistor and the reigning champion of Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat Track Series, was fourth aboard a Yamaha. Add it all up, and you’ll see that equates to two Grand National-caliber veterans racing against two talented unknowns and a regional champion, with four different brands contesting for the win. It left little question that the Pro Singles class is achieving its intended purpose.

Smith was fast from the start, as he diced with the BBRP/Circle F Suzuki of Stanley, and the Lineaweaver Racing Husaber of Noyes, with Schnabel running just behind them on his Janisch Racing/Team Powell Wood-Rotax. In a drafting war that was a far closer lead battle than the National final would prove to be, Smith pulled clear at the line, with Stanley second and Noyes third.

Here are the results and series points standings as of the Sacramento Mile:

PRO SGL (10 laps; 18 riders): 1. Bryan Smith (ATK); 2. Dan Stanley (Suz); 3. Kenny Noyes (Hbg); 4. J.R. Schnabe; (W-R); 5. Tim Eades (Rtx); 6. Nate Wait (Rtx); 7. Mark Corsetti (W-R); 8. Billy Martin (W-R); 9. Ronnie Brown (Yam); 10. Dan Hart (W-R); 11. Scooter Vernon (ATK); 12. Beau Brown (CCM); 13. Lonnie Pauley (W-R); 14. Jaime Aguilar (Rtx); 15. Steve Liberty (Rtx); 16. Matt Proto (Rtx); 17. Kurt Hawk (Rtx); 18. Kevin Bricker (Rtx).
Time: 5 min., 31.458 sec.
FORMULA USA PRO SINGLES SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 9 of 11): Kenny Noyes (614/2 wins); 2. J.R. Schnabel (514); 3. Dan Stanley (432/2); 4. Bryan Smith (424/1); 5. Beau Brown (342); 6. Jennifer Snyder (272); 7. Tim Eades (270); 8. (TIE) Scooter Vernon (250)/Kurt Hawk (250); 10. Willie McCoy (240/1); 12. A.J. Eslick (226); 13. Steve Liberty (218); 14. Jaimie Aguilar (208); 15. Brandon Cartwright (182); 16. Aaron Weston (168); 17. Jason Tyer (162); 18. Will Davis (152/1); 19. Jacob Latimer (140); 20. Michael Gilkey (110).

By Scott Rousseau