Carr Gets His First

| September 10, 2000’s Chris Carr won his first Formula USA Dirt Track National of the season in the Portland Raceway Half Mile round in Portland, Oregon.

Carr topped Jay Springsteen and Brett Landes in the 25-lap National with his first victory of the season giving him a commanding lead in the championship. After six of 12 rounds, Carr leads J.R. Schnabel, fourth today, by 50 points, 388-338.

NATIONAL (25 laps, 18 riders): 1. Chris Carr (Rtx); 2. Jay Springsteen (H-D); 3. Brett Landes (Rtx); 4. J.R Schnabel (H-D); 5. Rex Fisher (W-R); 6. Dan Stanley (Rtx); 7. Mark Corsetti (W-R); 8. Gary Rogers (H-D); 9. Kurt Hawk (Rtx); 10. Don Wilson (Rtx); 11. Nate Wait (Rtx); 12. Paul Bergstrom (H-D); 13. J.P Simonsen (Rtx); 14. Beau A. Brown (CCM); 15. Steve Liberty (H-D); 16. Don Hart (Rtx); 17. Jason Tyer (H-D); 18. Lonnie Pauley (W-R). Time: 10 mins,20.814 secs.

FORMULA USA/WRENCHEAD.COM NATIONAL DIRT TRACK SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 6 of 12 rounds): 1.Chris Carr (388/1 win); 2.J.R Schnabel (338); 3.Jay Springsteen (316); 4.Gary Rogers (296); 5.Mike Hacker (254); 6.Dan Stanley (250); 7.Rich King (248/3); 8.Jason Tyer (224); 9.Terry Poovey (216/1); 10.Joe Kopp (200); 11. Will Davis

By Clay Light