King Rushes Rapid City

| August 10, 2000
Rich King has yet to win a round of the AMA/Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Championships Series, but that doesn’t seem to bother the 37-year-old factory Harley-Davidson teamster when it comes time to face off against the same competition on the same equipment in the National Dirt Track Series.

At least that’s the way it looked after King scored his third straight National Dirt Track Series victory before a full house at Black Hills Speedway last night, winning the Rapid City Half Mile, which is held in conjunction with the 60th annual Sturgis Rally & Races in South Dakota.

King controlled the race practically from start to finish, with the exception of one lap which was led by Saddlemen Racing’s Mike Hacker in the early going. King repassed Hacker when the Virginian nearly bailed off in between turns three and four, and he was not seriously challenged for the rest of the race, even though Geo Roeder II gave chase in the middle portions of the race before falling back. Hacker managed to work his way back into second, with Terry Poovey finishing third aboard his USC Racing Rotax single.

King also made his debut in the Pro Singles class and handily won that main event as well. J.R. Schnabel rode a West Bend Harley-Davidson-backed Janisch Racing Rotax to second place, while Kenny Noyes was third aboard the Husaberg factory-backed entry of Lineaweaver Racing.

Here are the results of both finals along with the updated series points standings:

MAIN: (25 laps; 18 riders) 1. Rich King (H-D); 2. Mike Hacker (H-D); 3. Terry Poovey (Hon); 4. Chris Carr (H-D); 5. Geo Roder II (H-D); 6. Kenny Coolbeth (H-D); 7. Johnny Murphree (H-D); 8. Dan Stanley (Rtx); 9. Will Davis (ATK); 10. Bryan Bigelow (H-D); 11. JR Schnabel (WR); 12. Willie McCoy (H-D); 13. Michael Varnes (Rtx); 14. Gary Rogers (H-D); 15. Jason Tyer (H-D); 16. Greg Tysor (Rtx); 17. Joe Kopp (H-D); 18. Jay Springsteen (H-D).
Time: 9 mins., 39.957 secs.
WRENCHEAD.COM NATIONAL DIRT TRACK SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 10 rounds): 1. Mike Hacker (254); 2. Rich King (248/3 wins); 3. Chris Carr (230); 4. JR Schnabel (204); 5. Jay Springsteen (202); 6. Joe Kopp (200); 7. Will Davis (198/1); 8. (TIE) Dan Stanley/Geo Roeder II (192); 10 (TIE) Gary Rogers/Kenny Coolbeth (190); 12 (TIE) Willie McCoy/Michael Varnes (188); 14. Johnny Murphree (160); 15. Dale Jenneman (136); 16. (TIE) Terry Poovey/Jason Tyer (132); 18. Steve Beattie (116); 19. Paul Lynch (112); 20. Shaun Russell (102).

Pro Singles
MAIN(25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Rich King (H-D); 2. JR Schnabel (WR); 3. Kenny Noyes (Hus); 4. Dan Stanley (Rtx); 5. Willie McCoy (ATK); 6. Bryan Smith (ATK); 7. Beau Brown (CCM); 8. Eli Price (Rtx); 9. Cory Roth (Rtx); 10. Tim Eades (H-D); 11. Aaron Weston (Rtx); 12. Jennifer Snyder (Rtx); 13. Jerad Cheney (ATK); 14. A.J. Eslick (KTM); 15. Steve Johnson (Rtx); 16. Scooter Vernon (ATK); 17. Brandon Cartwright (Rtx); 18. Joe Kopp (KTM).
Time 4 mins., 49.442 secs.
FORMULA USA/WRENCHEAD.COM PRO SINGLES SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 12 rounds): 1. Kenny Noyes (260); 2. JR Schnabel (226); 3. Bryan Smith (200); 4. Dan Stanley (196); 5. Tim Eades (176); 6. Will Davis (52/1 win); 7. A.J. Eslick (142); 8. Jennifer Snyder (134); 9. Eli Price (110); 10. Victor McAnally (106); 11. Joe Kopp (98); 12. Cory Roth (96); 13. Willie McCoy (94); 14. Jacob Latimer (90); 15. Jaime Aguilar (86).

By Scott Rousseau