Hacker breaks through at Charlotte Half Mile

| July 23, 2000
Twenty-four-year-old Mike Hacker fulfilled a lifelong dream as he dominated the inaugural running of the Lowe’s Motor Speedway’s round of the AMA/Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Championships.

In the heart of NASCAR country it was only fitting to have a NASCAR-style five-lap shoot out decide the main event. The track was nearly perfect, smooth, wide and fast, with a reported 7700 excited fans in the large grandstands.

Hacker took the lead on lap 11 of the Grand National main event, and was able to put a good distance between himself and second- and third-placed men Johnny Murphree and Kenny Coolbeth, but when defending Grand National Champion Chris Carr slid down in turn three while running fifth, the red flag came out. Then the restart was delayed as oil was detected in the turns.

As per AMA rules, the restarted race would be a five-lap dash. The two young leaders showed a great deal of poise and held on to their respective positions. Nicky Hayden shot into third, but for only one lap. Jay Springsteen and Coolbeth worked by, but Harley-Davidson Motor Company-backed Rich King grabbed the last podium position when he passed Springsteen on the last lap. Coolbeth, Hayden, Bryan Bigelow, Paul Lynch, Willie McCoy and Kevin Varnes filled out the top 10.

DPC Racing/Tilley H-D’s Willie McCoy won the Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance National. The defending series champion held off the challenges of Roger Lee Hayden. Current points leader Brian Thomas filled out the podium.

Here are the results of both main events at Lowe’s Motor Speedway.

GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps; 18 riders): 1. Mike Hacker (H-D); 2. Johnny Murphree (H-D); 3. Rich King (H-D); 4. Jay Springsteen (H-D); 5. Kenny Coolbeth. (H-D); 6. Nicky Hayden (H-D); 7. Bryan Bigelow (H-D); 8. Paul Lynch (H-D); 9. Willie McCoy (H-D); 10. Kevin Varnes (H-D); 11. Geo Roeder II (H-D); 12. Chris Carr (H-D); 13. John Nickens III (H-D); 14. J.R. Schnabel (H-D); 15. Chris Evans (H-D); 16. Dan Stanley (H-D); 17. Tim Eades (H-D); 18. Joe Kopp (H-D).
Time: No time due to red flag.

AMA/PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE U.S. FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIPS SERIES POINT STANDINGS (after 7 of 17 rounds) 1. Chris Carr (110/2 wins); 2. Will Davis (102/2); 3. Mike Hacker (89/1); 4. Bryan Bigelow (86); 5. Jay Springsteen (84/1); 6. Joe Kopp (83); 7. Kenny Coolbeth (81); 8. Rich King (70); 9. Terry Poovey (62); 10. Dan Stanley (55); 11. J.R. Schnabel (46); 12. Geo Roeder II (41); 13. Willie McCoy (37); 14. Paul Lynch (34); 15. Johnny Murphree (32); 16. Kevin Varnes (28); 17. Nicky Hayden (27); 18. Chris Evans (23); 19. Brett Landes (20); 20. Mike Varnes (19).

HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER PERFORMANCE SERIES NATIONAL (12 laps; 17 riders): 1. Willie McCoy; 2. Roger Lee Hayden; 3. Brian Thomas; 4. Scott Stump; 5. Jason Tyer; 6. Michelle Disalvo; 7. James Hart; 8. Chris Hart; 9. Gary Rogers; 10. John Faulkner III; 11. Brian Kromroy; 12. Tom McGrane; 13. Tim Lorge; 14. Al Eadie; 15. Donnie Krusinski; 16. Yuhiko Hirao; 17. Jeff Landrum.
Time: No time due to red flag.
HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER PERFORMANCE SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 3 of 7 rounds) 1. Brian Thomas (50/1 win); 2. Scott Stump (46); 3. Willie McCoy (42/1); 4. James Hart (37); 5. (TIE) Jason Tyer (35)/Roger Lee Hayden (35); 7. (TIE) Brian Kromroy (30)/Michelle Disalvo (30); 9. Gary Rogers (29); 10. John Faulkner III (28); 11. Al Eadie (24); 12. Paul Morgan (23/1); 13. (TIE) Tom McGrane (18)/Chris Hart (18); 15. A.J. Eslick (17); 16. Brent Armbruster (14); 17. John Grant (10); 18. (TIE) Jeff Hiers (8)/Chris Fitzhugh (8); 20. Tim Lorge (6).

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