BMW Shows off Self Riding GS at Las Vegas

Rennie Scaysbrook | January 10, 2019

BMW Shows off Self Riding GS at Las Vegas—The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the number one spot for companies to show off their weird and wacky wares, and now it’s BMW’s turn with their self-riding R 1200 GS.

BMW Shows off Self Riding GS at Las Vegas

Interestingly with the GS, there are no self-balancing gyros at work to keep the bike level and upright. BMW says it simply uses the same throttle, back and steering inputs that a rider would use during normal operation.

It’s hard to see the immediate benefit of a self-riding motorcycle. Perhaps you could press a button, have the bike meet you at the door, and ride off into the sunset? But in all seriousness, the self-riding GS has some good points to it, especially considering the size and weight of such a bike, like making it easier to park without tipping over.

We’re still likely a long way off the bike doing the riding for us, which is a good thing, in our opinion.

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