Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018

| March 19, 2018

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018 – The third round of the AMA Western Hare Scrambles Championship visited Quail Canyon MX in Gorman, California, March 17-18, and when all was said and done, Canadian Trystan Hart (SRT Husqvarna) emerged as the winner. The Prospectors M.C. hosted the race.

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018
Trystan Hart en route to victory at the Prospectors M.C. WHS in Gorman, California. Photo: Mark Kariya

When Hart took the checkered flag he was surprised to hear that he had actually won the race, thinking he was in second after chasing defending champ Nick Burson, not realizing Burson had earlier dropped out with a mechanical problem.

It was good news for Hart, considering he had finished ninth here last year.

“I didn’t think I’d won—I thought Nick Burson won,” Hart admitted. “I didn’t know that he’d pulled out after the first lap [after damaging his radiator]. Me, Dante [Oliveira] and Trevor Stewart were kind of playing cat and mouse because we were on different [pit schedules], so I was catching them, they were catching me. Then Dante broke a chain on the second-to-last lap and Trevor went down in the sand whoops. I thought I was in second, but I guess I was in first.”

Ryan Smith (SRT Husqvarna) finished out the race in second, he too the beneficiary of attrition.

“I got a good start and led on the moto track for a little bit until Burson got by me and I followed him around the first lap then Dante got by me,” Smith said. “I tried to settle down and get into a good pace and get rid of the arm pump. On lap three, I got into a good zone and just started plugging away. The next thing you know, people were saying, ‘You’re in third!’ ‘You’re in second!’ I’m like, ‘What? I didn’t even pass anybody!’”

In only his third hare scrambles race, GasGas rider Noah Kepple, an EnduroCross specialist, finished third overall ahead of Mason Ottersberg (Beta) and Travis Coy (GasGas).

Gorman AMA West Hare Scrambles Results 2018

Quail Canyon MX

Gorman, California

RESULTS: MARCH 17-18, 2018


  1. Trystan Hart (Hus)
  2. Ryan Smith (Hus)
  3. Noah Kepple (GG)
  4. Mason Ottersberg (Beta)
  5. Travis Coy (GG)
  6. Clayton Gerstner (Hus)
  7. JT Baker (Hus)
  8. Devan Bolin (KTM)
  9. Jeremy Wilton (KTM)
  10. Justin Bonita (Yam)

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