Schnabel Set for Yamaha Debut

| March 7, 2003
Here’s a photo of J.R. Schnabel’s brand new Memphis Shades/Parts Unlimited Yamaha YZF505DT.

The bike was built by Schnabel’s tuner, Babe Demay, during the week between the Savannah, Georgia, Hot Shoe and Daytona. In order to complete the machine, Demay had to drive back to the team’s race shop in Memphis, Tennessee, build the bike from the ground up and complete it in time to make tonight’s Hot Shoe at Daytona Municipal Stadium.

Following Daytona, the Yamaha-backed team plans to build two more machines, one using a stock chassis/suspension setup for TTs and short tracks, and another more short-track-specific machine using the stock YZF chassis but with a modified, straight-rate rear suspension and shortened swingarm.

By Scott Rousseau