Cooper Webb made his second podium at the Anaheim 3 Supercross. Photography by Kit Palmer

Cooper Webb has been making good progress his first year in Supercross.

Cooper Webb has been one of the standout riders so far in the 2014 250 West Supercross Championship. While a lot of attention has been focused on three-time winner Jason Anderson and other winners Cole Seely and Dean Wilson, Webb has been showing impressive speed for a rookie. The MyPlash/Metal Mulisha/Rockstar Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha Team rider grabbed his second podium finish of the season with a third place at Anaheim III and is now fourth overall in the series standings.

At A3, Webb was sixth after the first lap, but he worked his way into third by the halfway point of the race.

“I got off to a decent start, but I got shuffled back in the beginning,” said Webb. “I think I was in fifth and I just wanted to get out there and try my best. I hurt my wrist real bad last week and actually popped it out of place. I didn’t get to ride this week, so I’m lucky to be racing.”

Webb’s crash at the Oakland Supercross was spectacular, as the former mini star did a front wheel wheelie down the track before hitting face first on the concrete floor and sliding a long distance.

“Last week was not good, I ate crap and I’m lucky to even be racing and not be out for the season,” said Webb. “So to be out here is awesome.”

Just five Supercross races into his rookie pro season, Webb is fitting in about where he had hoped he would.

“I just wanted to be top five this season and to try to fight for podiums,” said Webb. “I’m trying to be up there, some of these guys have been doing this for a while and they’re hauling butt, but you always want to be first, so that’s what I’m pushing for.

“I’ve learned a lot this year in my rookies season and I think it’s paying off,” he said.

With four races remaining in the West division, Webb is expecting good things.

“After San Diego we have a break and I think I can be 100% for the last four races, so I think I can improve my game by then, and hopefully be back on the podium.”



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