National Hare & Hound

Hare & Hound Series features 40-45 mile loops generally held in the deserts of California, Nevada, Utah and Idaho. This series is popular among some of the best desert racers in the USA.

Brabec one race away from first hare and hound titleView Story
Ricky Brabec Runs Off With Yerington National Hare & Hound Win

Hare & Hound Racing Schedule / Results

Date Track Results
1/25-26/2014 Desert MC - Lucerne Valley, CA 2014 Desert MC Hare & Hound Results
2/8-9/2014 Four Aces - Red Mountain, CA 2014 Four Aces Hare & Hound Results
3/22-23/2014 Dirt Inc. - Murphy, ID 2014 Dirt Inc Hare & Hound Results
4/12-13/2014 SoCal MC - Lucerne Valley, CA 2014 SoCal MC Hare & Hound Results
4/26-27/2014 Vikings - Lucerne Valley, CA 2014 Vikings MC Hare & Hound Results
5/3/2014 Sage Riders - Jericho, UT 2014 Sage Riders Hare & Hound Results
5/17/2014 Silver State Trailblazers - Caliente, NV 2014 Trailblazers Hare & Hound Results
8/23/2014 Silver State Trailblazers - Panaca, NV 2014 Trailblazers Hare & Hound Results
9/20/2014 Get-Xtr-Eme - Yerington, NV 2014 Get-Xtr-Eme Hare & Hound Results
10/25-26/2014 100s MC - Lucerne Valley, CA 2014 100s MC Hare & Hound Results

Off-Road TV Listings

Date Event Network Time
10/25/2014Endurocross Las VegasMavTV1:00 AM
10/25/2014Endurocross Las VegasMavTV8:00 AM
10/25/2014AMA MX 1st Motos Mt MorrisMavTV12:00 PM
10/25/2014AMA MX 2nd Motos Mt MorrisMavTV2:00 PM
10/25/2014Endurocross Las VegasMavTV4:00 PM

Hare & Hound Photos

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