AMA Pro Flat Track

The thunder of AMA Pro Flat Track slide off the pages of Cycle News as racers compete in the close-quarter battles known as dirt track racing.

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Josh Hayes Racing Superprestigio of the Americas

Latest News

Three Riders Still Have a Shot at the AMA Pro Grand National No. 1 Plate Going Into Las Vegas
Jared Mees, Bryan Smith and Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. Vie for Title
California wildfires force cancellation of Calistoga Half-Mile
Previously postponed AMA Pro Flat Track event could not be rescheduled despite best efforts

AMA Pro Flat Track Racing Schedule / Results

Date Track Results
3/13/2014 Daytona Beach, FL - Short Track 2014 Daytona Short Track Results
3/14/2014 Daytona Beach, FL - Short Track 2014 Daytona Short Track II Results
5/25/2014 Springfield, IL - Mile 2014 Springfield Mile Results
6/15/2014 Knoxville Half-Mile 2014 Knoxville Half-Mile Results
6/28/2014 Lima, OH - Half-Mile 2014 Lima Half-Mile Results
7/5/2014 Hagerstown, MD - Half-Mile 2014 Hagerstown Half-Mile Results
7/19/2014 Elma, WA - Short Track 2014 Grays Harbor Raceway Results
7/26/2014 Sacramento, CA - Mile 2014 Sacramento Mile Results 
8/2/2014 Castle Rock, WA - TT 2014 Castle Rock TT Results
8/5/2014 Rapid City, SD - Half-Mile  2014 Sturgis Half-Mile Results 
8/8/2014 Indianapolis, IN - Mile 2014 Indy Mile Results
8/17/2014 Peoria, IL - TT 2014 Peoria TT Results
New Kent, VA - Mega Mile 2014 Colonial Downs Mega Mile Results
8/31/2014 Springfield, IL - Mile II 2014 Springfield Mile II Results
9/27/2014 Calistoga, CA - Half-Mile 2014 Calistoga Half-Mile Results
10/11/2014 Pomona, CA - Half-Mile 2014 Pomona Half Mile Results

Flat Track TV Listings

Date Event Network Time
10/8/2015Speed Sport: Springfield Mile IIMavTV4:00 PM
10/8/2015Speed Sport: Springfield Mile IIMavTV7:00 PM

AMA Flat Track Photos

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