David Pingree and Adam Wickwire were the winners at this year’s Oakley Sufercross, August 4-5.

The two-day event, where motocrossers and surfers come together, was held at Starwest Motocross Park the first day and San Onofre State Beach (California) the second. In motocross, riders switch wristbands every lap, and must compete in two motos. In surfing, the teammates hit the water together for a series of elimination heats. Combined overall finishes from both days determine the overall winner of the event.

Pingree and Wickwire finished outside the top-three in the motocross portion, but went on to win the surfing contest the next day, successfully securing the overall victory. Finishing second was event promoter and pro surfer, Mike Parsons, and his partner Kawasaki’s Dean Baker. Third went to Ryan Sakal and Cycle World’s Ryan Dudek. The winners of the motocross day, Phil Lawrence and Garth Tarlow, finished fourth overall.

As for prizes, the top-six Pro teams names were drawn out of a hat, with the winner receiving a brand new Yamaha TT-R50. Lawrence was the winner of the bike, while Pingree won a custom-shaped surfboard from G-Force Surfboards.

In the industry class Yamaha’s Terry Beal took his second consecutive win with teammate Paul Berton. After taking the overall win in the moto day with a 1-2 moto score, they finished second in surfing to successfully secure the overall. Second in the industry class went to Curt Beigel and John Haden. Completing the top-three was former AMA National Champion Mike Bell and his teammate Joel Murphy.


PRO: David Pingree/Adam Wickwire; 2. Mike Parsons/Dean Baker; 3. Ryan Sakal/Ryan Dudek; 4. Garth Tarlow/Phil Lawrence; 5. Josh Sleigh/Derek Natvig.

INDUSTRY: 1. Terry Beal/Paul Berton; 2. Curt Beigel/John Haden; 3. Mike Bell/Joel Murphy; 4. Brendan Lutes/Jeff Allen; 5. Mike Gress/Deron Wilson.

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