2013 Honda CRF250L First Ride Photo Gallery

Photos from our first ride of the new Honda CRF250L.

hondacrf250l_2013static2.jpg It has 2013 CRF450R-inspired styling. Photography By: Kevin Wing
Hondacrf250l_2013action2.jpg With an estimated 73 mpg and a two-gallon fuel tank, the little CR has the potential to go a long ways between fill-ups. Photography By: Kevin Wing
hondacrf250l_2013action4.jpg The CRF250L is perhaps most at home on backcountry dirt roads. Photography By: Kevin Wing
hondacrf250l_2013action3.jpg The user-friendly motor will appeal to new riders for its smooth and unintimidating power delivery. Photography By: Kevin Wing
hondacrf250l_2013detail1.jpg The new CRF250L shares the same motor as the CBR250R but is tailored for dual sport use. Power is focused more in the middle and the transmission is beefed up.
hondacrf250l_2013detail2.jpg The 43mm forks are inverted but non-adjustable. The single Pro-Link shock has preload adjustability.
hondacrf250l_detail3.jpg There's a small locking storage area on the left side.
hondacrf250l_detail4.jpg Meter is informative and functional.