2013 Yamaha YZ450F Photo Gallery

Photos of our first ride of the new Yamaha YZ450F.

yamaha2013yz450f_static.jpg Four years after its redo, the YZ450F is still a head turner. Photography By: Andrea Wilson
yamaha2013yz450f_forks.jpg Yamaha thought about air forks but stuck with its already proven KYB Speed-Sensitive System fork. Photography By: Andrea Wilson
yamaha2013yz450f_action4.jpg The YZ still generates great power from is four-valve fuel-injected motor. Photography By: Andrea Wilson
yz4450exhaust1.jpg We spotted Yamaha testing this new exhaust system for the YZ450F. The pipe attaches the rear of the cylinder like usual but wraps around the front of the cylinder and exits the rear like it used to.
yamahaexhaust2.jpg The design eliminates the previous "tornado" section in the rear. It's also shorter, so the muffler doesn't sit as far out in the back. The idea is to better centralize weight.
yamaha2013yz450f_action3.jpg Overall, we're still impressed with the 2013 YZ450F even if it did only get a new white rear fender, black-colored handlebars, different graphics and a different color fork guard. Photography By: Andrea Wilson