2012 ISDE Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2012 ISDE in Saxony Germany.

ISDE12_2.jpg Team France celebrates victory at the 87th ISDE in Saxony Germany.
isde12_3.jpg Mike Brown won the top-seeded E1 moto today.
isde12_4.jpg Christophe Nambotin is the E3 individual overall winner.
isde12_d5brown.jpg Mike Brown had a strong day five.
isde12_d5robert.jpg Taylor Robert is still the highest-ranked American in class.
isde12opening_1.jpg The U.S. contingent marches into opening ceremonies at the Sachsenring Grand Prix track in Germany.
isde12opening_2.jpg Gunny Claypoole makes sure everything runs smoothly at Team USA, which he has done for so many years.
isde12opening_3.jpg The U.S. World Trophy Team is obviously ready to get going for the start of tomorrow's Red Bull ISDE.
isde12opening_4.jpg Team USA takes the spotlight during opening ceremonies.
isde12review_2.jpg Team USA headquarters for the 2012 ISDE.
isde12preview_1.jpg Team USA’s Mike Brown prepping his KTM.
isde12preview_3.jpg Former GNCC champ Josh Strang is riding for Team Australia.
isde12preview_4.jpg One of the U.S. ISDE Senior club team members Jeff Fredette prepping for the six days.
isde12preview_5.jpg GNCC Pro 2 title contender Jason Thomas is representing Team Great Britain.
isde2012usacontainer.jpg Team USA arrives in Germany for the 2012 ISDE.