Loretta Lynn’s Champion RJ Hampshire joins the GEICO Honda Team. Photography by Kit Palmer

After finishing off his amateur career by winning the 250cc A and Open Pro Sports Championships at Loretta Lynn’s on the Amsoil/Factory Connection Honda, Florida’s RJ Hampshire will make his professional debut in the 250cc class this weekend at the Red Bull Unadilla National MX, August 9, on the GEICO Honda Team.

"It feels amazing and surreal," Hampshire said. "It's always been a dream of mine to race in the professional motocross series. To finish my amateur career like I did was cool. I put in the work and it showed that I want this more than anything. I'm confident and I'm ready to go."

Instead of focusing on the huge change in his career, Hampshire is preparing for Unadilla just like he would any other race.

"The preparation is the same as it was before," Hampshire said. "Ever since I got the phone call that Unadilla was a possibility, I prepared myself to race that course just in case. I looked at it like, 'Hey, if I can race Unadilla, I will definitely be ready for Loretta Lynn.' So far it's worked out perfectly.

"I don't really have any specific expectations for this weekend. I'm just going to go in there and do the best I can, have fun with it, and wherever I'm at when the moto ends, I'm going to be happy with it. I'm living my dream right now. I'm there to have fun and gain experience."

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