Chad Reed

After coming away with his second win of the season, one that put him within two points of the series points lead, Chad Reed reflected on the state of racing in 2014 and compared it to years past.

“It’s hard to say this, but I don’t feel like the pace is any different then when I raced Ricky [Carmichael], I really don’t,” said Reed. “I don’t think that we’ve progressed any. I think the racetracks have become way easier than what we used to race and I think the level of people, as far as how many people, there’s seven or eight of us that potentially can win on any given weekend. Where before, it was obviously only James [Stewart], Ricky, or I. So I think that the amount of people has come up, and I’m not sure if that’s because their all that good, or if the tracks are just that easy and the bikes are that good. That’s my opinion. It probably won’t be judged as a good comment, but that’s just what I see. I just feel like the pace that I ride now isn’t any different than when I used to race Ricky. Racing Ricky and RV is so alike, they both attack the track, they are solid everywhere, they’re there every weekend. In a lot of ways, you feel the same nightmares you have every night are still there. And that’s not taking anything away from anybody, that’s just kind of my feeling.”

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