LEXINGTON, Ohio (July 19, 2014) -- A wet track greeted riders at Mid-Ohio Saturday morning. AMA Pro Racing officials asked the Superbike riders to go out and practice. Only a handful of riders took to the track, including Yamaha factory riders Josh Hayes and Cameron Beaubier.

No sooner had riders gone out than one rider, Frankie Babuska, crashed.

After a few laps the session was red flagged. Track conditions were deemed by AMA Pro Racing officials as “not suitable”.

David Anthony was the fastest rider in the abbreviated session at 2:13.892. The Superbike track record is 1:23.638.

Yoshimura Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas said he didn’t think it would be workable to race on a wet track.

“We haven’t raced here in the rain in years,” Cardenas said. “And now they want us to try. I don’t think it will be possible.”

While no definitive statement has been issued, as it stands now there will be no action on the track until the rain stops and the track has a chance to dry.

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