From the Archives: MotoGP Photo Gallery

Photos from Cycle News archives of MotoGP racing.

SpencerCover.jpg Freddie Spencer cover.
SpencerLawsonLS82_1.jpg Freddie Spencer (19) leads Kenny Roberts (2) out of turn nine at Laguna Seca in 1982. Spencer ended up winning the first race, but Roberts took the overall win.
BrushfireLS82_2.jpg A brush fire on hill brought out a red flag in the first race.
1975SheeneAssen.jpg Barry Sheene gets his first 500cc win at Assen, besting Giacomo Agostini in a close one.
1991MalyasianGP.jpg Pulled from the Cycle News Archives - Australian Mick Doohan (3) leads Jon Kocinski (19), Wayne Gardner (5) and Juan Garriga (6) early in the first-ever 500cc Grand Prix of Malaysia. Photography by Patrick Gosling
kingkenny1978FFb.jpg The King's first crown - the final Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in 1978.