When going through some old magazines the other day I saw an article written by the Hall of Fame race announcer Roxy Rockwood. That's when it hit me - we have an entire generation of racers and racing fans who never knew Rockwood. For nearly three decades, starting in the late 1950s, Rockwood was the voice of motorcycle racing in America. He announced races across the country, most famously as the Daytona Bike Week announcer during the heyday of the Daytona 200, as well as the other big races such as Springfield and Laconia. He also hosted what is believed to be the first radio show from Daytona that was exclusively about Bike Week's racing activities. To say Rockwood was an institution in racing would be an understatement.

Rockwood was born in Iowa in 1929 and as a youngster moved with his family to southern Minnesota. Rockwood's father was a motorcyclist and Indian enthusiast. The Rockwoods enjoyed buying dilapidated motorcycles and fixing them up to sell.

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