If you want to add an old, traditional AMA Grand National race to your bucket list of things to see in your lifetime, you wouldn't go wrong with the Peoria TT.

The Peoria TT is one of America's classic motorcycle races. Dating back to the 1942, and being part of the AMA National calendar since 1947, Peoria is the second oldest continuous motorcycle National in America next to Daytona. It's a throwback to a simpler day of racing. The race is still promoted by the Peoria Motorcycle Club, and held on the club grounds as it has been since the beginning. The track itself is nestled in a small creek valley, the half-mile TT course surrounded by wooded hills, which are packed with 20,000 or so fans every August. Most of the spectators ride their motorcycles to the race and the majestic hillside trees protect them from the sun and the heat of summer.

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