Cylinder Works Big-Bore 2014 Honda CRF270R Project Bike Photo Gallery

Photos of our 2014 Honda CRF270R project bike. Photography by Kit Palmer

14projectcrf250_2.jpg The ultimate vet bike? Our CRF270F has plenty of advantages vet riders will like over a 450.
14projectcrf250_7.jpg The Cylinder Works big-bore kit is enhanced greatly by a few more bolt-on additions, like a pipe, cam and a larger air boot.
14projectcrf250_6.jpg The heart of the CW big-bore kit - $650 will get you a new cylinder, piston and top-end gasket kit.
14projectcrf250_3.jpg With the 270 big-bore kit installed, the Honda gets big-bike-like power while retaining its much-liked 250F characteristics.