It was the closing laps of the 1991 San Jose AMA Supercross. Going over the big triple each lap, Doug Dubach had time to look over and see the battling duo he was chasing. Jeff Matiasevich and Guy Cooper were just ahead going over a little jump into a corner and each time Dubach took the triple they were in the same place. "I was thinking ‘C'mon, c'con,' " Dubach said, trying to figure out way to chase down the leaders. "It's so funny because with about two laps to go I remember thinking, ‘Man I could get second in this race because one of those guys is going to take out the other.'"

Just a week before Matiasevich had cleaned out Cooper - wiping himself out in the process - as they battled for the lead in Oklahoma City. So there was bad blood between the two.

"Sure enough, when we came around for the white flag, I saw one of them tangled up in a turn," Dubach continued. "I thought just one of them of had gone down, but when I took that triple I looked down at that little jump turn and no one was there. I thought, ‘Holy crap! I'm leading this race!' "

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