It’s really pretty much impossible to not like Zach Osborne. He simply has no “quit” in him. He’s always pushing forward, whether through injuries (and he’s had quite a few), being essentially sent to Europe because he was out of shape for racing in the AMA, and on and on. Most American racers in his situation would’ve quit rather than slug it out in the GPs, away from home, for over half a decade, but not Osborne.

Instead, Osborne took it as a challenge, just like everything else in his life. When he’s cornered, he fights, but even he admits he has to be cornered first.

“I’m the type of guy, everything has to be, like my back’s against the wall,” Osborne says. “Like, even just to put my laundry in the basket, my wife has to be down my throat or else I’m not going to do it. Maybe I’m a little bit of a procrastinator...”

The Old Zach

The Budds Creek AMA National marked a milestone in 2013 for Zach Osborne. Back in 2006, when he was the hot, new thing out of the amateur ranks for KTM, Osborne led the first eight laps of the first moto, and had a pretty big lead, then faded – without falling – all the way to 18th at the finish.

He was fast, but he was chubby and out of shape, and the only thing worse than someone who is slow and out of shape is someone who actually has the speed, but not the work ethic.

“I think I went into Budds Creek this year with a little bit of a personal vendetta against that track,” Osborne says. “I really wanted to do well and just two crashes in the first moto kind of took me out of contention. But in the second moto I came through strong and passed some really good guys on the last few laps, so it was kind of some vindication for me, I guess. But looking back, definitely now I look back and laugh at it, because I was so far from where I needed to be at the time [in 2006]. But it’s good. It’s been an awesome road. It’s been tough at times, but definitely I feel like I wouldn’t change it for anything and everything that has happened, happened for a reason. I just need to keep on trucking.”

And trucking he is. Osborne grabbed a podium finish in Colorado at round two with a solid 6-2 score and currently sits fifth in the points behind defending National Champ Blake Baggett, world champions Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen, and teammate Eli Tomac.

Add to that his podium finish in Seattle this year, and it’s obvious that “Snack Attack” is a thing of the past.


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By Steve Cox