2014 Anaheim II Photo Gallery

Photos from the third round of the 2014 AMA Supercross season at Angel Stadium. Photography By Kit Palmer and Shan Moore

2014A2_2Grantbikecopy.jpg The Toyota/Yamaha/N-Fab/JGRMX Team decked their bikes in old-style yellow and black Yamaha colors.
2014A2_3legendscrowdcopy.jpg The crowd was large for the Legends and Heroes of Motocross autograph signing. More than 20 passed Supercross champs and legends were on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the AMA Supercross Championship.
2014A2_4Stackablecopy.jpg Former 500cc Supercross Champion Steve Stackable had a great time hanging out with the fans and signing autographs.
2014A2_5LaPortetankcopy.jpg This 1976 Suzuki RM250 is never going to get dirty.
2014A2_6Peickqualcopy.jpg Weston Peick was again fast at Anaheim. He went on to finish a strong seventh in the 450 main.
2014A2_7Anderson-1copy.jpg Two-time winner Jason Anderson was top 250 qualifier.
2014A2_8Durhamqualcopy.jpg Darryn Durham crashed in practice and sat out the rest of the day and night. He might be back for Oakland.
2014A2_9NickSchmidtqualcopy.jpg Privateer Nick Schmidt didn’t quite make it into the 450 main this time but he gave it hell of an effort.
2014A2_10GrantBarciacopy.jpg Josh Grant (33) was back after a shoulder and Justin Barcia struggled with crashes.
2014A2_10Roczenqualcopy.jpg Ken Roczen (94) was the fastest qualifier in the 450 class, right behind him (and next to him) was Ryan Villopoto.
2014A2_11Andersonheatstartcopy.jpg Jason Anderson (17) won his heat race just ahead of Cole Seely.
2014A2_12McGrathintrocopy.jpg Jeremy McGrath highlighted the past Supercross Champions introduction during opening ceremonies.
2014A2_13legendslineupcopy.jpg Sixteen of the 20 SX champs took the spotlight.
2014A2_14girlscopy.jpg So did the Monster Girls.
2014A2_15450heat1copy.jpg The first 450 heat gets underway.
2014A2_16BraytonVillocopy.jpg Justin Brayton and Ryan Villopoto had a great battle in the first 450 heat.
2014A2_17BrayVillocopy.jpg Villopoto passed Brayton for the lead, but Brayton passed him back for the win.
2014A2_17BKTMjrcopy.jpg The KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge was back in full force.
2014A2_18BmossLCQcopy.jpg Yoshimura Suzuki-supported Matt Moss won the first semi.
2014A2_18stewartheatcopy.jpg James Stewart got back to his winning ways in the second 450 heat.
2014A2_18cAlessiHillcopy.jpg Mike Alessi and Josh Hill went at it in a semi. Hill made the pass and went on to win.
2014A2_19250maincopy.jpg The first few laps of the 250 main was intense.
2014A2_20Wilsondowncopy.jpg Dean Wilson’s chance for a win evaporated when he got caught up in the Tuff Blocks and nearly took out Malcolm Stewart before it was over.
2014A2_21Seelyfinishcopy.jpg Cole Seely hung on this time to nab his fourth career 250 Supercross win.
2014A2_22Seelycopy.jpg Seely was quite relieved to get the victory.
2014A2_23250podiumcopy.jpg (Left to right) Jason Anderson, Seely and Cooper Webb celebrate on the 250 podium. Anderson was later penalized two positions for jump under a waving red-cross flag.
2014A2_24Dungeyholeshot.jpg Ryan Dungey blasted out of the gate and grabbed the 450-class holeshot.
2014A2_25Roczenchasing.jpg Ken Roczen gives chase.
2014A2_26Braytonearlymain.jpg Justin Brayton made up for an eighth-place start by ending up fourth.
2014A2_27Dungeydown.jpg Dungey went down while leading and dropped to sixth. Here he picks up his bike in front of Chad Reed.
2014A2_28RocandVillocopy.jpg Roczen and Villopoto went at it for a while.
2014A2_29Reedfinishcopy.jpg Long in coming, Reed celebrates his 42nd career win.
2014A2_30Reedcelebratecopy.jpg Reed was thrilled to get his first win since early 2012.
2014A2_31Reedpodiumcopy.jpg Reed said this was probably his most emotional win ever.
2014A2_32Stewartpodiumcopy.jpg James Stewart led much of the race but couldn’t hold back the flying Reed and took second.
2014A2_33StewartReedpodiumcopy.jpg Stewart and Reed have a chat on the podium.
2014A2_34Dunloptirecheckcopy.jpg A Dunlop technician check on Reed’s rear tire.
2014A2_35Reedteampodiumcopy.jpg The Discount Tires/TwoTwo Motorsports Kawasaki Team enjoy its well-deserved victory.