Supercross Celebrates 40 Years Photo Gallery

Photos of the many legends of the sport that were at Anaheim II to celebrate 40 years of Supercross. Photography By Kit Palmer

Rotator.jpg All but one former Supercross Champion participated in the Anaheim II Supercross opening ceremonies at Angel Stadium.
BillButchka.jpg Bill Butchka: Legendary race mechanic
BobHannah.jpg Bob Hannah: 1977, 1978, 1979 Supercross Champion
BrocGlover.jpg Broc Glover: Multi-time National MX Champion
DannyLaPorte.jpg Danny LaPorte: 250 MX World Champion – 1982; 500cc National MX Champion ‘79
TonyDiStefano.jpg Tony DiStefano: three-time 250 National MX Champion 1975-‘77
RickJohnson.jpg Rick Johnson: two-time Supercross Champion - '86; '88
MartyTripes.jpg Marty Tripes: LA Superbowl of Motocross winner 1972, the LA Coliseum race is often recognized as the very first indoor Supercross in America. He was 16 years old at the time.
MikeBell.jpg Mike Bell: 1980 Supercross Champion
PierreKarsmakers.jpg Pierre Karsmakers: 1974 Supercross Champion
Jean-MichelBayle.jpg Jean-Michel Bayle: 1991 Supercross Champion
DougHenry.jpg Doug Henry: Former National MX Champion and first rider to win a Supercross on a four-stroke.
GarySemics.jpg Gary Semics: 500 SX Champion 1974 (Husqvarna)
JeffEmig.jpg Jeff Emig: 1997 Supercross Champion
DavidBailey.jpg David Bailey: 1983 Supercross Champion
JeffStanton.jpg Jeff Stanton: three-time Supercross Champion: '89; '90; '92
JohnnyOMara.jpg Johnny O'Mara: 1984 Supercross Champion
JeffWard.jpg Jeff Ward: two-time Supercross Champion - ‘85; '87
JimmyEllis.jpg Jimmy Ellis: 1975 Supercross Champion
MarkBarnett.jpg Mark Barnett: 1981 Supercross Champion
JeremyMcGrath.jpg Jeremy McGrath: seven-time Supercross Champion - ‘93; '94; '95; '96; '98; '99; '00
SteveStackable_14a2.jpg Steve Stackable: 500 SX Champion 1975 (Maico)