2014 GNCC Photo Gallery

Photos from 2014 GNCC Series

GNCCIronmanstart2010.jpg Racer Productions and the AMA reached agreement on the GNCC series.
GNCC-1.jpg GNCC will continue live streaming in 2014. Photography by Ken Hill
gncc14preview1Baylor.jpg Grant Baylor says he’s ready to defend his number-one plate in the XC2 Pro Lites class. Photography by Simon Cudby/KTM Images
gncc14preview2Bach.jpg Chris Bach and the JCR Honda Racing Team will be making their GNCC debut come Sunday.
gncc14preview3Sipes.jpg Ryan Sipes will begin his official off-road debut on the Rockstar Energy/WMR Off-Road KT
gncc14previewrotatorRussell.jpg For the first time, Kailub Russell will get to wear the number-one plate in the XC1 class. Photography by Simon Cudby/KTM Images
MudMuckerPodium-1.jpg Paul Whibley, Charlie Mullins and Josh Strang made up the podium at the Mud Mucker GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill.
KailubRussellGeorgia-1.jpg Kailub Russell took top honors at the 2014 Georgia GNCC at Aonia Pass. Photography by Ken Hill
KailubRussellSteeleCreekGNCC-1.jpg Kailub Russell won the Steele Creek GNCC in Morganton, North Carolina. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KEN HILL
RoryMeadaction-1.jpg Rory Mead. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KEN HILL
RoryMeadPodium-1.jpg Rory Mead
Russellbigbuck-1.jpg Kailub Russell topped the Big Buck GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
MullinsIndiana-1.jpg Charlie Mullins won the Limestone 100 GNCC in Indiana. Photography by Ken Hill
MullinsLorettas-1.jpg Charlie Mullins won the Loretta Lynn's GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
GNCCweb-2.jpg Ricky Russell won the XC2 Pro Lites class at the Mountaineer GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
GNCCweb-1.jpg Kailub Russell won the Mountaineer GNCC in West Virginia. Photography by Ken Hill
GNCCpodiumohio-1.jpg (Left to right) Josh Strang, Kailub Russell and Jordan Ashburn celebrate on the John Penton GNCC podium. Photography by Ken Hill.
KailubRussellSnowshoe-1.jpg Kailub Russell won the Snowshoe GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
150XCinside-1.jpg Kailub Russell's FMF KTM 150XC
GrantBaylorwebUnadilla2014.jpg Grant Baylor won the XC2 Pro Lites class at Unadilla. Photography by Ken Hill
KailubRussellUnadilla2014-1.jpg Kailub Russell topped the Unadilla GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
Russellweb.jpg Kailub Russell clinched his third GNCC title. Photography by Ken Hill
GrantBaylorpowerlineGNCC-1.jpg Grant Baylor clinched the XC2 title at the Powerline Park GNCC. Photography by Ken Hill
JoshStrangpowerlineGNCC-1.jpg Josh Strang took top honors at the Powerline GNCC. It was his first win since 2011. Photography by Ken Hill
KailubRussellpowerline-1.jpg Kailub Russell traded his 350 four-stroke in for a 150 two-stroke. Photography by Ken Hill
salvini-CN-rotator.jpg Alex Salvini
kailub-gncc-rotator.jpg Kailub Russell
Brabec-hh-rotator.jpg Ricky Brebec
ashburn-rotator.jpg Jordan Ashburn
whibs-cn-rotator.jpg Paul Whibley
strang-rotator.jpg Josh Strang
duvall-face-CN.jpg Thad DuVall