2014 AMA Motocross Photo Gallery

2014 AMA Motocross photos

JordanDave-TeamGreen.jpg Original Kawasaki Team Green Manager Dave Jordan (left) with race promoter King Kelly (Photos courtesy Kevin Kelly)
MXSportsweb-1.jpg The 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series will have live TV coverage. Photography by Kit Palmer
DrugTestingInMX.jpg The AMA will conduct drug testing in the 2014 AMA Motocross National Championship in 2014.
WestonPeickGHfinal.jpg Weston Peick prepares for the 2014 outdoor Nationals on his new RCH Suzuki team. Photography by Kit Palmer
ChristophePourcel-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel
RotateBrettMetcalfe-1.jpg Brett Metcalfe puts some laps in on the Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450F at Glen Helen. Photography By Kit Palmer
JustinBarcia-1.jpg Justin Barcia also put time in today at the last open practice day at Glen Helen before the first round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship gets underway at the SoCal facility on May 24.
RyanDungey-1.jpg Heading into the 2014 AMA Motocross season, Ryan Dungey looks for title number three on the 450.
TreyCanard-1.jpg Barcia's teammate Trey Canard is back and healthy heading into the outdoor season.
ZachBell-1.jpg GEICO Honda's Zach Bell is coming off of injury and is looking forward to the start of the outdoor season.
JamesStewartinsideghp-1.jpg James Stewart practices at Glen Helen. Photography by Kit Palmer
14glenhelenpracticedayTreyCanard.jpg Barcia's teammate Trey Canard is back and healthy heading into the outdoor season.
JuniorMXTeam.jpg The U.S. team of young riders will represent in the FIM Jr. World Motocross Championship.
GlenHelentrackmap.jpg Here's a peek at the track for the upcoming Glen Helen National that kicks off the 2014 AMA Pro Motocross season.
14Glenhelentrack_velodrome-1.jpg Not your traditional Glen Helen layout, the design for the National features new obstacles, including the new “Velodrome,” a steep and very wide banked, right-hand turn located on the extreme north/east section of the track. Photography By Kit Palmer
14Glenhelentrack_Sandsection.jpg And a look at the sand section at Glen Helen.
1Dugey14_450preview.jpg Ryan Dungey will be one of three former 450 champs battling for this year’s 450-class crown.
2Metcalfe_14_450preview.jpg Canadian Champion Brett Metcalfe will be filling in for the injured Ryan Villopoto on the factory Monster Energy Kawasaki Team.
3JamesStewart14_450preview.jpg Yoshimura Suzuki’s James Stewart is hungry for a championship. He’s got the speed to get it done but consistency has been his Achilles Heal as of late.
4Barcia14_450preview.jpg Muscle Milk Honda’s finished third in the 2013 championship. He’s aiming higher this year.
5Grant14_450preview.jpg Yamaha and the Toyota/JGRMX Team are relying on Josh Grant to get the job done. Grant’s teammate, Justin Brayton, is still mending from injuries.
6Alessi14_450preview.jpg Mike Alessi will be racing in his backyard before heading north to compete in the Canadian Nationals.
1JeremyMartin_14mx250preview.jpg Star Racing Yamaha’s Jeremy Martin was one of the hottest outdoor 250 riders at the end of last year’s outdoor series. He plans on starting off hot this year.
2MarvinMusquin_14mx250preview.jpg Former MX2 World Champion Marvin Musquin will make his 2014 debut following a knee injury.
3ChristophePourcel_14mx250preview.jpg After spending the last few years on 450s and on the GP circuit it Europe, Christophe Pourcel will be going for the AMA 250 title again on a Valli Motorsports Yamaha.
4JasonAnderson_14mx250preview.jpg Recently crowned 250 West Supercross Champion Jason Anderson hopes to keep the magic going in the outdoors.
5BlakeBaggett_14mx250preview.jpg Former 250 outdoor champ Blake Baggett is hoping to find that winning form again after injuries have set him back since his title run in 2012.
6ZachOsborne_14mx250preview.jpg GEICO Honda’s Zach Osborne is capable of winning. He just needs to do it. Once he does, watch out.
Wilson14mx250preview.jpg Dean Wilson is hoping to win the 250 outdoor title one more time before moving up to the 450 class next year. He won the 250 outdoor championship in 2011.
8JustinHill_14mx250preview.jpg East/West Supercross winner Justin Hill is just as comfortable outdoors as he is “indoors,” if not more so. This could spell trouble for his competitors.
DarrynDurhamGlenHelen-1.jpg Darryn Durham will miss much of the 2014 outdoor Nationals with a leg injury. Photography by Kit Palmer
TVrotator-1.jpg Motocross Logo
rockstar-1.jpg Rockstar Energy Team's Joey Savatgy
ChadReed-1.jpg Chad Reed
conference-1.jpg Glen Helen press conference.
JamesStewart-1.jpg James Stewart
JasonAnderson-1.jpg Jason Anderson
JustnBogle-1.jpg Justin Bogle
RyanDungey-1.jpg Ryan Dungey
JustnBarcia-1.jpg Justin Barcia
RyanDungey-1gh.jpg Ryan Dungey at Glen Helen media day
logo-1.jpg Glen Helen Television schedule
husky-rotator.jpg Jason Anderson
Dungeyqual-1.jpg Ryan Dungey
Pourcelqual-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel
GHpracticerotate-1.jpg Glen Helen
GlenHelenfinalweb-2.jpg Jeremy Martin with the 250 win at Glen Helen. Photography By Kit Palmer
GlenHelenfinalweb2-1.jpg Ryan Dungey got the outdoor series started off with an exciting win at Glen Helen. Photography By Kit Palmer
250podium-1.jpg 250-class podium from Glen Helen. Photography by Kit Palmer
wilsonupdate-1.jpg Dean Wilson
ReedGHinside1-1.jpg Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports/Kawasaki's Chad Reed. Photography by Kit Palmer
ReedGHinside2-1.jpg Chad Reed during the second moto at the Glen Helen National. Photography by Kit Palmer
ReedGHrotate-1.jpg Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsport/Kawasaki's Chad Reed at Glen Helen. Photography by Kit Palmer
ZachOsborneGH-1.jpg Zach Osborne injured his thumb at the Glen Helen National.
LLhospitalrotate-1.jpg Blake Baggett, Justin Bogle and Wil Hahn were some of the stars at the 2014 Big Air Kid's Fair at the Loma Linda Children's Hospital. Photography by Kit Palmer
LLhospital-1.jpg Blake Baggett makes them smile at the Big Air Kids Fair.
LLhospital-1-5.jpg Jimmy Fitzpatrick was one of the FMX performers.
LLhospital-1-4.jpg Opee attended the Big Air Kids Fair
LLhospital-1.jpg Ricky James
LLhospital-1-3.jpg Ricky James signs autographs.
Hangtowninside-1.jpg Hangtown Motocross
Hangtownrotate-1.jpg 2014 Hangtown track. Photography by Kit Palmer
HangtownMartinrotate-1.jpg Jeremy Martin will wear the red plate at Hangtown. Photography by Kit Palmer
Hangtowninside-1.jpg Hangtown track 2014
Hangtown.jpg Hangtown
hangtown14Roczenrotate-1.jpg Ken Roczen is the quickest qualifier at Hangtown. Photography by Kit Palmer
hangtown14Pourcelinsidepost-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel is the top 250 qualifier.
14hangtown250mx_Martin-1.jpg Jeremy Martin does the double again at Hangtown. Photography By Kit Palmer.
14hangtown450mx_Roczen-1.jpg Ken Roczen gets his first AMA Pro Motocross overall on the 450 at Hangtown. Photography by Kit Palmer
MikeAlessi-1.jpg Mike Alessi
BarciaOutWeb.jpg Justin Barcia will miss this weekend's round in Colorado due to injury.
ChristophePourcelLakewood-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel was quickest in 250 qualifying at Lakewood Valley Raceway in Colorado. Photography by Shan Moore
baggett-lakewood-rotator.jpg Blake Baggett
roczen-lakewood-rotator.jpg Ken Roczen
baggett-lakewood-rotator2.jpg Blake Baggett
roczen-lakewood-rotator2.jpg Ken Roczen
barcia-out-rotator.jpg Justin Barcia
stewart-highpoint-rotator.jpg James Stewart
baggett-highpoint-rotator.jpg Blake Baggett
JamesStewartA-1-7.jpeg James Stewart will race this weekend in Tennessee despite failed drug test.
muddy-creek-rotator.jpg Muddy Creek
TomacMuddyPreview.jpg Eli Tomac returns to racing this weekend at the Muddy Creek National.
JamesStewartA-1.jpg James Stewart
TomacMuddyCreekweb-1.jpg Eli Tomac was the top qualifier at Muddy Creek. Photography by Andrew Fredrickson
PourcelMuddyCreekweb-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel was the top 250 qualifier at Muddy Creek. Photography by Andrew Fredrickson
14tennmx_KenRoczen1.jpg Ken Roczen takes the overall at Muddy Creek over teammate Ryan Dungey. Photography By Andrew Fredrickson
14tenn250mx_webb.jpg Cooper Webb gets his first at Muddy Creek. Photography By Andrew Fredrickson
herlings-rotator.jpg Jeffrey Herlings
14Norenreplacesbarcia.jpg Privateer Fredrik Noren to replace the injured Justin Barcia for team Muscle Milk Honda for the remainder of the 2014 outdoor season. Photography By Hoppenworld.com
tomac-bike-1.jpg Eli Tomac's bike
tomac-bike-rotator.jpg Tomac Bike
roczen-RB-practice-rotator.jpg Ken Roczen at RedBud
pourcel-RB-practice-rotator.jpg Christophe Pourcel
roczen-RedBud-rotator.jpg Ken Roczen
martin-RedBud-rotator.jpg Jeremy Martin
start-rotator.jpg Red Bud Start
brownig-rotator.jpg Mike Brown
roczen-budds-practice-rotator.jpg Ken Roczen topped qualifying at Budds Creek
stewart-budds-practice-rotator.jpg James Stewart
dungey-budds-rotator.jpg Ryan Dungey
baggett-budds-rotator.jpg Blake Baggett
martin-budds-rotator.jpg Jeremy Martin
635412848241918701start-rotator.jpg Ryan Dungey and Trey Canard battle for the lead at RedBud,
reed-face-rotator.jpg Chad Reed
tomac-millville-rotator.jpg Eli Tomac
martin-millville-rotator.jpg Jeremy Martin
JamesStewartWashougal-1.jpg Yoshimura Suzuki's James Stewart
Washougal2015TV-1.jpg Malcolm Stewart at the 2013 Washougal National Motocross. Photography by Shan Moore
Tedescoretires-1.jpg Ivan Tedesco
Tedescoretiresrotate-1.jpg Ivan Tedesco retires
DungeyWash2015-1.jpg Ryan Dungey was the top qualifier at Washougal. Photography by Steve Cox
MusquinWash2015-1.jpg Marvin Musquin was the top 250 qualifier at Washougal. Photography by Steve Cox
2014Washougalpost-3.jpg 2014 250 Washougal winner Marvin Musquin. Photography by Steve Cox
2014Washougalpost-1.jpg 2014 450-class podium. Photography by Steve Cox
2014Washougalpost-2.jpg 2014 Washougal 450-class winner Ryan Dungey. Photography by Steve Cox
AlldredgeProCircuit-1.jpg Chris Alldredge joins Pro Circuit
HampshireGEICO-1.jpg RJ Hampshire joines GEICO Honda team.
LukeRenzlandRockRiver-1.jpg Luke Renzland joins the Rock River Yamaha team.
JoshGrantUnadilla-1.jpg Josh Grant
UnadillaTV-1.jpg Hangtown start.
Unadillapracticeweb-1.jpg Trey Canard was the top qualifier in the 450 class at Unadilla and he claimed the Oakley Bomb award. Photography by Mike Emery.
Unadillapracticeweb-2.jpg Christophe Pourcel claimed another Oakley Bomb Award at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
Unadillapracticeweb-3.jpg Trey Canard hopes to get his first win of the season. Photography by Mike Emery
2014DungeyUnadilla-1.jpg Ryan Dungey at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
2014Unadilla-1.jpg Christophe Pourcel at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
2014CanardUnadilla-1.jpg Trey Canard at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
2014RoczenUnadilla-1.jpg Ken Roczen at Unadilla 2014
2014AlldredgeUnadilla-1.jpg Chris Alldredge Photography by Mike Emery
2014HampshireUnadilla-1.jpg RJ Hampshire at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
2014MartinUnadilla-1.jpg Jeremy Martin at Unadilla. Photography by Mike Emery
635436867228440363JamesStewartA-1-7.jpeg James Stewart won't be racing in this Indiana round of the AMA Motocross Championship.
TomacIndianaMXpractice.jpg Nine seconds. That’s how much faster Eli Tomac was over the rest of the 450 field in Timed Qualifying for today’s inaugural Ironman Motocross National in Crawfordsville, Indiana. (Larry Lawrence photo)
Musquin-IndMX.jpg Marvin Musquin scored his second victory of the season Saturday in the 250CC class of the Ironman Motocross National. The Red Bull KTM helped his team sweep both classes by going 3-1 in very difficult conditions. (Larry Lawrence photo)
Roczen-IndMX1.jpg Ken Roczen got momentum back on his side and halted the late-season charge by his Red Bull KTM teammate Ryan Dungey by winning Saturday’s inaugural Ironman Motocross National with a 1-2 result. (Larry Lawrence photo)
utah-1.jpg Miller Motorsports Park National Motocross
DaviMillsaps-inside.jpg Davi MIllsaps
Grant-inside.jpg Josh Grant
JustinBogle-inside.jpg Justin Bogle
Jason-Anderson-inside.jpg Jason Anderson
roczen-inside.jpg Ken Roczen
Wil-Hahn-inside.jpg Wil Hahn
Osborne1.jpg Zack Osborne