Here are the teams and riders who have qualified to represent the United States at this year’s International Six Days Enduro in Granada, Spain, October 31-November 5.

World Trophy: Randy Hawkins, Fred Hoess, Destry Abbott, Brian Garrahan, Patrick Garrahan and Russ Pearson.

Junior World: David Pearson, Cody Mastin, John Beal and Kurt Caselli.

Salt Fork Dirt Riders: Scott Hofman, Tim Taber and Troy Smith.

Red River Riders: Nathan Knight, Nolan Knight and Matt Stavish.

Team Iowa: David Campbell, Lonnie Ross and Dennis Murphy.

Little Burr M.C.: Mark Adkins, Mart Geary and Glenn Martinson.

Gerrit Hamilton Memorial Club: Jason Dahners, Brian Bennett and Brian Sperle.

Merced Dirt Riders: Curt Wilcox, Ron Lawson and Joe Cartwright.

Net Leased Club: Paul Krause, Steve Silvestri and Luca Trussardi.

Team Senior: Alan Deyo, Jeff Fredette and Randy Mastin.

Daytona Dirt Riders: Mike Monroe, Alex McElyea and Richard Lafferty.

Boise Ridge Riders: Ron Schmelzel, Mark Stevens and Stave VanZant.

This year’s Team USA Support Manager will be Rick “Gunny” Claypoole, and the USA Jury Representative will be Hugh Fleming.


By Cycle News Staff