First Ride: 2014 Husqvarna Off-Roaders Photo Gallery

Photos from our first rides of the new Austrian-built Husqvarnas in Sweden.

2Action.jpg The new Austrian-built Husqvarnas are a mixture of Husabergs and KTMs.
3Action.jpg To emphasize Husky's legacy and off-road roots, Husqvarna/KTM held its 2014 world media launch in Sweden, but the company's new home is in Austria.
4TE350.jpg Husqvarna chose Sweden's blue, yellow and white colors for their new-generation Huskys to reflect a time when "Swedish-bred bikes ruled the off-road world." Pictured here is the 2014 Husky FE 350.
5TE300.jpg The TE 300 shown here and all of the new Huskys feature WP 4SC forks, linkage rear suspension, KTM-built engines, one-piece swingarms, and polyamide subframes.