2014 EBR 1190RX First Look Photo Gallery

Photos of the new EBR 1190RX.

14ebr1190rxyellow.jpg The new EBR 1190RX borrows a lot from its predecessor the EBR 1190RS, but is offered at a much lower price of $18,995.
14ebr1190rx_controlledswirl.jpg Here's a visual description of what helps make the EBR 1190RX a powerful, clean and efficient engine - Controlled Swirl Induction.
14ebr1190rx_Exhaust_Quarter_Wave_Tuner1.jpg A visual explanation of the Quarter Wave Tuner: “Our engineers found that a secondary resonator has a large benefit to helping a V-twin make power and mid-range. The resonator provides an opportunity for a quarter-wave tuner that adds mid-range performance while meeting noise regulations.”